[New ebook] How to produce a court-friendly PDF

court approved PDF

With more and more courts requiring that court documents to be filed electronically, most papers are being created, delivered, and read as PDFs.

In order to aid the management and readability of electronic documents, the courts have put in place several rules and requirements for the formatting and structure of PDF filings. If you’re filing is going to be accepted by the clerks, it’s important to know what these requirements are and how to implement them.

In this new free resource, we provide an eight-item checklist for ensuring that your PDF is as court-friendly as possible, along with step-by-step instructions for implementation. Download your free ebook now >>

In this free ebook you’ll learn:

  • The eight steps you need to take to ensure a truly court-friendly PDF eFiling
  • All of the core PDF editing skills you need to create an easily readable and navigable PDF, including making it text searchable and adding electronic bookmarks
  • How to redact confidential information correctly and how to cleanse your document’s metadata
  • How to optimize your PDF and ensure it is well within the file size limits imposed by the court
  • Additional tips and tricks for making sure your filing meets all of the clerk’s expectations!

Now that eFiling is becoming the new normal, some states (e.g. California) are implementing new rules to ensure that the PDFs they receive are as easy to manage as possible for the courts. Even where these aren’t imposed by rule they are most definitely best practices, however.


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