Updated: Los Angeles Superior Court to begin eFiling program

First published on April 6, 2017. Updated on April 4, 2018.

Los Angeles Superior Court has launched its long-awaited electronic court filing system, starting with eFiling in Probate cases in May 2017 and extending to further case areas over the next 18 months.

The court has chosen the same free market model — so far adopted by 18 other courts in California — that allows filers to choose their preferred vendor from a range of court-certified suppliers, referred to as eFiling service providers (EFSPs).

We’re proud to have been one of California’s very first certified eFiling service providers. Today, we’re active in all the state’s eFiling courts and successfully file thousands of documents for our customers every day.

When will Los Angeles eFiling begin for each case type? 

Court officials in Los Angeles have announced a phased introduction of electronic filing by major case categories, beginning with probate in May 2017 and encompassing all civil case types by mid-to-late 2018. Here’s the court’s expected timeline:

Updated May 10, 2018

  Voluntary eFiling in One Legal Mandatory
Probate Available now Available now June 5, 2017
Limited Civil August 2018 (expected) August 2018 (expected) 1 month later (expected)
Family Law August 2018 (expected) August 2018 (expected) 1 month later (expected)
Unlimited Civil October 2018 (expected) October 2018 (expected) 1 month later (expected)
Complex Civil N/A TBA TBA

Note that while most dates are anticipated, only Probate is confirmed by the court at this stage.

How do I eFile with One Legal?

eFiling with One Legal is simple. Just log in and click on the File and serve icon on the home screen. We’re a comprehensive court filing service covering every courthouse in the state — electronic or otherwise. Your filing is submitted to the court electronically wherever the court allows it, and elsewhere we’ll print, assemble, and hand-deliver your documents.

To celebrate the entrance of new courts on the eFiling scene, One Legal is giving all new accounts access to eFiling and eService offerings free for their first 30 days. Learn more.

How can you prepare for eFiling in LASC? 

The rules and procedures that apply to electronic court filing are a little different to those that apply to physical filing. Therefore, to ensure a successful submission, it’s important that you’re fully up to speed with the court’s requirements.

To help, our in-house training team have prepared a range of educational resources, all of which are available free for customers and non-customers to view and download:

We’ll also be posting a copy of our training slides and a video recording of the webinar online soon.

Interested in a different case type? Don’t worry. We’ll be providing further training, including live sessions at the Law Library in downtown Los Angeles as we approach the launch dates for family law eFiling and civil eFiling. Sign up for our weekly email to ensure that you don’t miss out on updates >>

How to manage the transition to eFiling 

While rolling out eFiling by case category gives the court time to test internal processes and ensure a smooth implementation, it can be frustrating for general practice law firms or those working across multiple practice areas.

In these circumstances, it pays to work with a full-service legal support vendor, like One Legal. We’re both a highly-rated electronic filing service and an experienced on-the-ground court filing and process serving provider.

Our quick and straightforward workflow automatically lets you know whether your document can be eFiled or whether it requires physical filing. You just enter your details and upload your documents — we’ll make sure your documents get delivered as efficiently as possible.

Ready to get started? Learn more about Los Angeles eFiling with One Legal >>

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  1. Robert DeFilippis Reply

    Hi Jeffrey, you are correct. The LA Court is running a limited pilot project with one of its case management vendors. It’s for case initiation only and hopefully, if the project continues its progress, it will get opened up later this year. Thank you for referencing this fact.

  2. Maggie Reply

    What is the deadline time for filing? 4:00? 5:00? or midnight?

    I thought I would ask because I find they vary from court to court

    1. Lindsey Dean Reply

      Hi Maggie,

      Good question. For eFiling in LA Probate cases, the current deadline is midnight. No word yet on if other case types will differ.

      Thanks for your comment!

    1. Lindsey Dean Reply

      Hi Jasmine,

      Right now you are required to eFile for Probate cases, except with documents that must include an original signature. Self-represented litigants are not required to eFile, and may file in person. Later this year, Los Angeles will permit and eventually require eFiling in additional case types.

      Hope this helps, thank you for commenting!


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