July 10, 2020: Weekly roundup of court updates

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This week: Alameda adds furlough days, San Luis Obispo declares court holidays, courts update operations plans, and more.

What’s changing in the world of California courts? We’ve reviewed all 58 superior court websites looking for important updates and have gathered them here for your information.

For a full list of all California courts and more information about their known status, visit our California courts updates page on the Support Center.

Please note: All resources shared by One Legal are intended as high-level summaries only. For a full picture of each court’s response to the challenges of COVID-19, please visit the individual court website.

Court updates this week

Now that all California courts are open and accepting filings to some extent, there are fewer formal pronouncements of significant changes. More often than not, updates posted to the court’s website involve specific process changes for single departments or divisions.

Alameda County

In response to the reduced court operations budget, the Court announced staff furlough days for Fiscal Year 2020-21. Two Fridays of each month, half of the Court’s staff will be out of the office, during which time service reductions are expected.

Read the release>>

Amador County

The Court has rescinded its General Order which temporarily halted the issuance of writs of possession.

Read the General Order>>

Colusa County

The Court will continue with limited operations to the public and announced updates to court calendars and that facial coverings are required if making a physical appearance.

Read the notice>>

Glenn County

The Court has updated its procedures as a result of the novel coronavirus situation as it relates to topics such as Facility protocol, court appearances, and more.

Read the public notice>>

Kern County

A July 8 General Order extended the time period provided for the holding of a criminal trial.

Read General Order>>

Los Angeles County

The presiding judge announced a 60-day grace period for payment of traffic and non-traffic infractions.

Read the news release>>

Merced County

A July 9 release from the Court confirmed requirements for people visiting the courthouse and outlined updates to the operations for each case type.

Read the release>>

San Bernardino County

Due to the ongoing seriousness of the pandemic, the Court amended its general order limiting public access to in-person proceedings.

Read the General Order>>

In a July 8 release, the Court also announced that its Shelter Court would be reopening on July 24, 2020.

Read the release>>

San Diego County

The Court announced that proposed changes to local court rules would go into effect on January 1, 2021 and invited readers to review the rules and send in comments or concerns.

Read the public notice>>

To reduce the jail population and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Court authorized the accelerated release of sentenced county jail inmates up to 60 days from when they would otherwise be released.

Read the General Order>>

The Court dismissed jurors who have already been summoned through July 31 and due to the suspension of jury trials through August 17, 2020.

Read the news release>>

San Luis Obispo County

A General Order laid out the ongoing changes to normal court operations. These included allowing sessions to be held anywhere in the county, declaring court holidays for the purpose of computing time from July 4 through July 31, extending the time period provided for custody, extending statutory deadline, and more.

Read the General Order>>

Santa Barbara County

The Court has extended the time period provided for the holding of a criminal trial.

Read the Order>>

Santa Clara County

The Court introduced live chat for self-represented litigants and provided a list of additional alternatives to coming to the courthouse.

Read the release>>

The Court is partnering with a local debate team to host an online program on Criminal Justice Reform: The Color of Justice, providing a forum for youth to use their voices for reform.

Read the release>>

Sonoma County

A new Pretrial Pilot Program was implemented on July 1, 2020 in partnership with the Sonoma County Probation Department.

Read the release>>

Tulare County

The Court has ordered restricted access to all courthouse facilities and empowered any judge to extend time periods for the holding of criminal trials, suspend any rule in the California Rule of Court that would prevent the use of technology for remote proceedings, and more.

Read the Order>>

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