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Efiling Tips For California Case Initiations Monthly
Need help with eFiling, service of process, or any part case initiations? We're here to help you with tips and tricks to make your life a little easier when using One Legal.

Don’t dread the document dropdown

All too often, filers express their frustration as they get to the document selection step in the eFiling workflow: the dreaded drop-down field with endless scrolling through dozens of document types, only to conclude that an exact match is nowhere to be found. 

The bad news first: One Legal does not have any control over the options that appear in the Document Type drop-down menu. Each court provides us (and every certified eFiling Service Provider) with a specific list of documents that must be adhered to.  Now the good news: we have an expert tip to ease your frustrations.  

  1. Select a more general option that is closely related to your document type and explain your selection in the “Message to the Clerk” box. 
  2. In the final Review step of the eFiling workflow, double-check the court filing fee in the “Estimated charges” section. If you see an incorrect or missing filing fee, 
    that’s your cue that you’ve selected an incorrect document type. 
  3.  Return to the Documents step in the workflow to choose another document type and confirm the appropriate filing fee is shown in the estimated charges section before submitting.

File, serve, smile

When filing a case initiation and using our File + Serve + File bundle, look out for the option to “Review Process Serve” in the workflow. This simple little checkbox gives you the chance to review the filed documents once they are returned by the court and make any changes before we initiate services, such as names, addresses, images, documents, etc. This functionality is especially helpful if your court does not return CMC Notices or Notice of Case Assignments at the same time your conformed copies are returned.   Try it out the next time you initiate a case and let us know what you think about it.

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