6 reasons to attend the One Legal Live 2019 virtual conference

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One Legal's free virtual conference will feature speakers from all around the industry and beyond. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you owe it to yourself and your firm to attend! 

In a few short weeks, One Legal will host our second annual virtual conferencea oneofakind event conference that is specifically curated for legal support professionals. However, many of the events will be of interest to the wider legal community, including attorneys. 

One Legal Live 2019 is comprised of online webinars covering topics such as: 

  • Legal technology 
  • Professional development 
  • Workplace wellness 
  • And more! 

This free virtual conference will feature speakers from all around the industry and beyond. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you owe it to yourself and your firm to add One Legal Live to your calendar. 

#1: Professional development — improve your legal chops 

Whether you are a well-seasoned paralegal with 20 years of experience or the newest attorney on the block with a bar license, the best thing you can do is to remain committed to lifelong learning, skill development, and staying on top of industry trends and mandates. 

By attending One Legal Live you will: 

  • Learn more about possible career nuances  
  • Add specific skills to your repertoire 
  • Improve your legal tech chops by learning more about your industry  

Hear from: 

  • Clerks and court officers 
  • Legal ethics instructors 
  • Technology and marketing executives 
  • And many others! 

#2: Continuing Legal Education (CLE) 

Did you know One Legal is a multi-topic CLE provider? We’ve partnered with legal professionals, court officials, and leading experts from across the nation to bring you the most valuable, CLE-accredited trainings. 

Set yourself up for the year by attending any of the six CLE-accredited sessions including: 

  • What California clerks want you to know about eFiling 
  • Mythbusters: Process serving 
  • Paperless law firms and the new digital dream 
  • California rules and statutes: eFiling and more 
  • eFiling in Chicago-area courts: by the experts 
  • Legal ethics and marketing your firm 

Register for these CLE-accredited sessions and more>>

#3: Bragging rights 

“I went to this awesome conference last week, and I didn’t even leave my desk!” This was the general sentiment from the more than 700 participants that attended our inaugural event last year. Check out more testimonials. 

Join us for every single event or tune in only to the sessions most relevant to you — all from the comfort of your home or office. We’ve carefully scheduled our sessions to help you meet your deadlines throughout it all. Miss an event? No problem, training materials including a copy of the PowerPoint and a recording of the session will be emailed to you the following week. 

#4: Networking opportunities 

What’s better than one person’s experience and interactions? An entire firm’s worth of earned knowledge. What’s better than one firm’s knowledge? A community or association’s worth of insight, of course. 

And with our event hashtag #OneLegalLive2019, you can connect to a wide range of fellow professionals via social media. Participate in session activities, chat with colleagues and coworkers about the topics, and share your thoughts before, during, and after March 26-29.  

#5: Insights from 2019 State of Legal Support keynote 

Did you share your experience in this year’s State of Legal Support survey? Our second annual report investigates the themes and trends that are affecting legal professionals across the country. Check out last year’s report. 

On March 26 at 10 a.m. PT, we will discuss the top findings from this report, particularly in relation to other research recently published in the legal industry. 

#6: Why not? 

No travel required, no budget to navigate—why wouldn’t you and your colleagues take a few hours out of your week to tune into a few (or all) of the sessions from One Legal Live 2019?  

Even if you aren’t able to attend every single session live, attend at least one, and you’ll receive limited time access to post-session resource materials for all 12 events. 

Join us on March 26 as we proudly kick off our second annual One Legal Live! Register today while it is still open. Click here to learn more.

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