12 ways to use bookmarks to upgrade to your work day in 2021

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Use the bookmarking feature for your browser to keep important links easily accessible.

Your favorite browser can be more than just a blank slate you use as a search engine. It can be a productivity portal when you use the bookmarking feature for your browser of choice to keep important links easily accessible.

Take the time to collect links that make completing your everyday tasks a breeze. Here are a few ways to get your collection started:

#1: Utilize folders

When you have 4 different links to the same site or the same group of tasks, bucketing them into a single folder can keep you organized, while making it easy for you to navigate to those sites when needed.

#2: Try out only icons

Save space in your bookmarks bar by using icons only to display each link on your list. The icons for the tools you use most are easily recognizable—like Gmail, Drive, the One Legal blog, and other sites. When adding a new bookmark, delete the text in the name field and save, only the icon will show up—which will leave room for more links.

#3: Bookmark all tabs

It’s common to have multiple tabs open simultaneously while working on a task. Avoid overcrowding your browser by bookmarking your open tabs for easy access when you need to switch tasks or windows. Some browsers have an extension that allows you to bookmark all of your open tabs with one click.

Bookmark all tabs

#4: Backup your bookmarks

Backing up your bookmarks is best to ensure your list of important links can be recovered should a system crash occur. Use your browser’s bookmarks manager to export your bookmarked links as an HTML file to your device.

backup bookmarks

#5: Bookmark your Bookmarks

If you use bookmarks heavily, especially when you’re storing and retrieving files, you may want to add your browser’s bookmarks manager to your links bar. Add your backup bookmarks next to your original link, erase the text so that it shows the icon only—and repeat for each link you want to save.

#6: Import your bookmarks

Want to pull in links from a previous project into your current browser? Easily access your links using the bookmark manager’s import feature. Some browsers allow you to filter details you want to import when transferring bookmarks.

#7: Use picture-in-picture (PIP) autoplay

Watch your podcasts, webinars and other video content, without closing the window you’re working in with bookmarks that allow you to use PIP autoplay. Just add this script to the URL of your bookmarked video, save and click whenever you want to watch while working.

javascript:(function() { document.querySelector(‘video’).requestPictureInPicture() })()

If you’ve already bookmarked these top links from 2018, here are 5 more must-have links for your browser:

#8: Favorite Legal Up speakers

Legal Up is over and April 30th was the last day to watch the fantastic sessions presented by more than 20 expert speakers. But the good news is that you can still find many of them where they continue to create great content on their websites, podcasts, and other locations around the web.

#9: California court information pages

With all the nuances and unique requirements of California courts, the more you can save resources for later the better. In addition to the court websites themselves, One Legal’s directory of California court information pages contains high-level requirements and specifics for quick reference.

#10: Technical support

Troubleshoot your tech tools with ease by creating bookmarks for those you use most frequently. Save yourself the frustration of using a search engine or wasting time by bookmarking tasks you often have technical issues with.

#11: Watering holes

Downtime while at your desk can be used to explore resource banks that keep you on top of industry news, trends, and best practices that help you become a better paralegal. Find some of your favorite thought leaders in the legal profession and add their links to your collection. Remember to bookmark the links you use to do research as well.


ABA Journal

Lexis Nexis

#12: Paralegal associations

These organizations have developed core competencies for the paralegal profession and can help you with career and skills development, networking, career planning, among other benefits.

National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA)

National Association of Paralegals (NALA)

American Alliance of Paralegals (AAPI)


Be sure to share your links with your peers and ask for recommendations that will help you continue to build your browser’s library of resources. You won’t regret it!

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