12 resources for managing digital documents from One Legal

Check out these helpful how-tos and step-by-step guides to help you stay sane while collaborating on, sharing, and filing digital documents.

Has your firm been slowly transitioning to more and more digital document management over the past several years? Or is this sudden shift to a virtual world and all electronic documents one of necessity?

No matter how far you’ve gotten into the world of managing digital documents in the legal world, One Legal has compiled helpful how-tos and step-by-step guides to help you stay sane while collaborating on, sharing, and filing digital documents.

#1: How to redact a PDF

The days of taking a Sharpie pen to social security numbers and sensitive client data are long gone. Learn how to properly redact those PDFS—before they make headlines.

#2: How to make a PDF text searchable

Make things easier on your readers—not to mention adhere to California eFiling rules—by ensuring your filings and other documents are text searchable.

#3: Best practices for file naming

Is your desktop or document storage system becoming a forest of files? Settle your firm on a consistent naming structure and boost organization despite the distance.

#4: How to add electronic bookmarks to your PDF

Help colleagues, clerks, and judges more easily navigate your lengthy digital document by adding shortcuts in the form of electronic bookmarks.

#5: Tips for handling confidential documents at your firm

Remote work is no reason to slack on privacy standards. Make sure you and your clients are both covered with these tips for confidential documents.

#6: How to create templates in Microsoft Word

Ever find yourself creating and formatting the same types of documents over and over again? Skip ahead by creating templates for your most common document types.

#7: How to remove metadata from a PDF

Did you know that every document holds embedded metadata detailing information that may be sensitive? Remove metadata from every PDF before filing or sharing externally.

#8: 5 ways to reduce the size of a PDF

Not only is sharing large files difficult via email or file storage systems, many court technology systems limit how large files can be in order to be submitted. Here are a few ways to make your documents smaller.

#9: How to separate or combine PDF documents

California courts are big on not filing run on documents—that’s a PDF with multiple separate documents all in one file. So if you’ve found yourself with the Summons, Pleading, and Certificate all in one PDF, you’re going to need to know how to separate PDF documents.

#10: How to convert documents into PDFs

Starting with a form and need to finalize as a PDF? We can show you how.

Plus, here’s how to convert a PDF into another document type.

#11: Troubleshooting top eSignature issues

Try these tricks if you’re struggling to get that signed contract to the client.

And don’t forget to brush up on rules around eFiling and electronic signatures.

12: Everything you need to know about emailing large files

Time to share the final draft with a co-worker for their review? Get collaborating sooner with these tips.


Trying to collaborate on the same document shared back on forth? Stay sane while using track changes in Microsoft Word>>



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