10 perfect holiday gifts for legal professionals

Now that Thanksgiving is here, thoughts are starting to turn to holiday-season gifts. Legal professionals are, though, notoriously hard to buy gifts for (hence you probably end up with multiple items emblazoned with the scales of justice…).

So, whether you’re planning a gift exchange in your office, or just want to give some gentle hints to the people special to you, here are the best legal themed gift ideas (both funny and serious) from across the web.

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#1 Lawsuit: the board game!

What better way to relax when away from the office than bringing fictional lawsuits against your friends and family! The makers of Lawsuit explain that players will “proceed through law school, the nitty-gritty of running a law practice (including the office rent!), and the ups and downs of bringing a case (preparing papers for court, going to trial).”

#2 The New Yorker’s book of Lawyer Cartoons

Lawyers are often (unfairly, of course!) at the receiving end of a lot of jokes, but that doesn’t mean that many of them aren’t very funny. This collection of legal-themed cartoons from The New Yorker magazine brings together many of the best published during the last 30 years.

Holiday gifts for lawyers

#3 A copy of your favorite Supreme Court opinion

Chances are you have a favorite Supreme Court opinion (who doesn’t?). Well, you really should have a leather bound copy of that decision somewhere on your bookshelf. This year’s marriage equality decision has spawned a mini-industry in printing and binding the conclusions of the Court. So download your favorite and get it sent off to a print shop now!

Gifts for legal professionals

#4 The world’s greatest carry-on bag

The chances are that you’re no stranger to squeezing clothes, papers, laptops, and more into a tiny carry-on suitcase. If only there was a better way? Look no further. A recent Kickstarter campaign — one that was so successful it raised $0.5 million, 50x more than it was seeking — claims to have built the greatest bag known to humankind. With sleek, optimized design, a lockable secure compartment, and 4-way straps for perfect ergonomics, it’s the bag of the future!

#5 A year’s supply of lint rollers

Dark suits and a need to look your best at all times don’t mix well with a world of fluff, fur, and dirt. There’s only one solution: make sure the legal professional in your life is fully stocked on lint rollers for all of their emergency de-furring needs.

Christmas presents for lawyers

#6 The billable hour clock

Is your life completely dominated by six-minute intervals? In 2016, why not dispense with traditional time altogether and measure all aspects of your life in fractions of billable hours? To help, you’ll be needing a new clock, such as this handsome glass and gold adapted desk clock. (h/t The Cyber Advocate).

Holiday gifts for attorneys

#7 An iPad (or similar high-performance tablet computer)

Hang on, weren’t we just joking about a bit? This seems a bit serious. As legal tech pioneers, we couldn’t resist using our suggested holiday gift list to remind readers that, as courts across the US move towards electronic filing and eService becomes widely accepted, the need for printed paper is waning faster than ever. To stay ahead in this brave new paperless world, you’ll need the latest in tablet gadgetry at your fingertips.

#8 Some office artwork

Interesting legal-themed artwork needn’t break the bank. Etsy, a website where just about anyone with a skill can sell their wares, offers the opportunity to snap up any number of interesting pieces. For example, why not adorn your office walls with a framed copy of the original patent art submitted with U.S. patent 2,755,833, i.e. the gavel. (h/t Above the Law).

Gifts for lawyers

#9 Civil litigation-themed Lego

One for the aspiring (and young at heart, perhaps) legal professionals out there! British legal website Legal Cheek reports that a Canadian law firm has come up with “Lawgo”, a civil-litigation themed version of the popular toy. Unfortunately, this is just a marketing stunt, but let’s hope that the Danish company has been watching and gets it act together before next year!

Funny gifts for legal professionals

#10 A good book

There have been a few excellent legal-themed books published this year. We highly recommend the latest volume from legal futurologist Richard Susskind, The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts. Ian Goldin, of Oxford University, describes it as required reading for anyone “seeking to understand the unprecedented disruption facing all the professions.” Perhaps not a light read, but a hugely important one.

Happy holidays!

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