10 blogs legal professionals should be following in 2018

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Are you a legal professional who wants to sharpen your skills, advance in your workplace, stay apprised of the latest legal technology, and gain a competitive advantage in today’s legal market? Reading cutting-edge legal blogs can help do all those things, and provide you with a source of valuable information—as well as much-needed entertainment.

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Here are some of the top blogs legal professionals should follow in the coming year to stay in the know:

#1 The Paralegal Society

The Paralegal Society was founded six years ago by Indianapolis litigation paralegal Jamie Collins. The Paralegal Society was created particularly for paralegals, whether they are new to the career or have a wealth of experience.

According to Collins, The Paralegal Society’s mission is to orchestrate a much-needed change in the social aspects of education, mentorship and camaraderie for paralegals throughout the country.” Posts are inspirational, motivational, often humorous, and give a real-life, no-holds-barred glimpse of what it is really like to be an “in the trenches” paralegal.

#2 The Researching Paralegal

Certified Paralegal Celia Elwell blogs about legal research and writing on The Researching Paralegal. Topics include legal terms of art, grammar, writing style guides, free online legal libraries, eDiscovery, password protection, law review submission rules, and Google search secrets, among many other things. If you’re a paralegal who focuses on legal research and writing, this blog should be on your shortlist.

#3 The One Legal blog

Our own One Legal blog is written primarily for legal support professionals, just like you. Topics featured include court news and updates, quick skills, career development, wellness, organization and productivity, and news about various One Legal products.

Some topics to watch for in 2018: updates on new eFiling courts, changing rules, tips for working in the law office, and expert strategies for eFiling and other important processes.

#4 The Legal Intelligencer

Are you a legal news junkie? If so, The Legal Intelligencer is chock full of relevant legal news from across the country. In one quick scan, you can get up to speed on the important cases pending around the nation, legal professionals in the news, and the opinions of expert columnists who offer advice for legal professionals who are new to the industry.

#5 Above the Law

A legal web site offering news, insights, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, and the legal profession in general, Above the Law was established in 2006. Although Above the Law is geared primarily toward lawyers, much of the content published on the site is of interest to paralegals as well.

Recent posts tackled sexual harassment in the workplace, keys to managing your workflow, how to send a polite email, and what it’s like to balance a job with motherhood.

#6 The Estrin Report

Chere Estrin, the CEO of Estrin Legal Staffing, the president and co-founder of the Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP) and the CEO of the Paralegal Knowledge Institute founded The Estrin Report in 2005.

Created for “professional paralegals of a particular attitude,” The Estrin Report covers a myriad of topics of interest to legal professionals, including salaries, certification, specialties, job hunting, technology, eDiscovery, continuing education, career guidance, and networking, among many others.

#7 LawSites

Most jurisdictions require lawyers to stay on top of changes in legal technology, and all legal professionals are obligated to have at least a basic understanding of legal technology. Bob Ambrogi, the owner of the blog LawSites, has been covering legal technology for two decades and provides industry news and great advice for those seeking to learn about how to use technology in their practices.

#8 Law Actually

We can all be a little cynical sometimes. If you’re looking for industry news, analysis of legal issues, and plenty of sarcasm, Law Actually is for you. Founded 10 years ago by British Lawyer Michael “something-or-other,” Law Actually tackles a wide variety of topics, including traffic laws, blog templates, workplace injury rights, and the gender pay gap. Something for everyone, with a good dose of humor thrown in.

#9 My Paralegal Place

Published by litigation paralegal Jenny, My Paralegal Place is a treasure trove of eDiscovery tips and tricks, legal tech recommendations, and more. Her recent blogs have offered ideas for holiday gifts for paralegals, legal tech trends to look out for in 2018, and a behind-the-scenes look at being a patent paralegal.

#10 The Legal Geeks

Podcast and blog combo The Legal Geeks is too much fun not to mention. Whether you’re a geek at heart, too, or can appreciate the wit and diligence it takes to dive deep into pop culture to get at the legality of fictitious events, this is a must try for anyone in the legal industry.

Some of the most amusing pieces include “Should the Avengers be Liable for the Injury and Damage They Cause to Persons and Property?” “Can Daddy Sue Santa Claus for Kissing Mommy?” and “Who is the True Legal Owner of R2D2 & C3PO?


What other legal blogs would you recommend? Share your favorites in the comments!

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