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Request account merger

Your accounts are registered under different firms. Let us help you get started eFiling.

If your accounts for eFileCA, eFileIL, eFileIN, or eFileTX are registered under different firms, they will need to be merged before you can eFile in those courts.

One Legal can help.

Fill out the below form and attach a document written on your firm’s letterhead containing the following information:

  1. Firm name
  2. Firm administrators name & email
  3. Individual account holder’s name and email (this is the account that will be merged into the firm’s account)
  4. (Optional) If there are any cases associated with the individual’s account they will be merged into the firm’s account. Please add a statement from the individual account holder that authorizes that those cases can follow them into the new firm account. Example: “I am the individual account holder for the account under [your email address] and I authorize my cases to be merged with the cases under [your firm]’s account.”

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