A tool to support complex civil litigation, CaseLink is the fastest and most efficient way to exchange service documents.

With more than a half million pages of documents securely eServed in 2015 alone, CaseLink provides an easily accessible online site for complex case document management. All parties to a case can quickly review case information and serve all case participants at the touch of a button. CaseLink manages the automatic updating of the entire service list for each case, as well as distribution of eService to all parties. Staying informed of activity in cases is easy with 24/7 online access to proof of service certificates and automated service alerts included at no extra charge.

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For 25 years, customers have relied on our comprehensive suite of products for all their litigation support needs – both electronic and physical filing, service of process, eService, court research, court document retrieval, and courtesy copy delivery.

Get ready to make your work remarkably easier.