If you represent a party in an active Construction Defect case in San Diego, “Each party that is required to serve and accept service of documents electronically must provide all other parties in the action with its electronic service address and must promptly notify all other parties and the court of any changes under (f),” according to California Rules of Court 2.251(b(1)(B), 2.251(c)(3), and 2.251(d).

Additionally, the Electronic Filing Requirements of the San Diego Superior Court, Central Civil Division,pages 2 and 3, state:

“The court will maintain and make available an official electronic service list in Construction Defect/JCCP cases through One Legal. This is the service list that the court will use to serve documents on the parties. (See CRC 2.251(d).) It is the responsibility of the parties to provide One Legal their correct contact information for the service list in each e-filed case in which they are involved no later than July 7th, 2014. New parties who enter a case must provide One Legal with their electronic service address for that case within 7 days of joining the case. All parties must notify One Legal of any changes to that address, within 7 days of the change, should a change occur during the pendency of the action. (See CRC 2.251(f)(1).) Failure to keep the official list updated may result in the court being unable to provide notice to a non-complying party of upcoming hearings, orders, and other proceedings.”