Ghosting in the workplace: has it hit your firm?

possible employee contemplates ghosting on recruiter

No longer a problem for personal relationships alone, more job seekers and employees are choosing to avoid a potentially uncomfortable conversation with a recruiter or manager by “ghosting” them instead. Learn about the latest not-so-nice trend to hit the job market.

7 ways to step outside of your paralegal comfort zone

person jumping sunset

Fear of change is a natural human emotion, but fear can help keep you in your comfort zone, afraid to venture out. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut; instead, explore new things as a legal support professional. Does any of this sound familiar? Here are 7 ways to break out of your paralegal […]

Networking for paralegals and legal support staff: How and why

faces in a circle

We may think of ‘networking’ as a very modern concept, but according to a Harvard Business Review article, networking has existed for the past 2000 years and is essential to our survival. But for many people, including legal professionals, networking doesn’t come easy and trying to connect with others in the industry can push them […]

25 Twitter accounts all legal professionals should be following [updated]

top legal professionals twitter

Originally published August 28, 2015. Updated October 4, 2016. This time last year we published a list of the top 25 legal professionals to follow on Twitter. The post got a great response from people out there looking for experts and insiders to help them navigate the web and to point them in the direction […]

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