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Jan Hill

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Jan Hill is a paralegal and a freelance writer who specializes in law and legal technology topics.

Posts by Jan

Optimizing electronic contracts to boost efficiency

eContracts have a complicated set of legal principles beyond simply providing digital consent. Here are our top tips for optimization.

8 traits of a methodical paralegal (and why you should be one)

Paralegals should be many things, and methodical is one of them. Here are some of the qualities that define a methodical paralegal and why you should be one.

Key components of a freelance paralegal agreement

Every freelance paralegal needs a comprehensive work agreement that will protect everyone’s interests and lay out the terms of the contract. Here are some key elements that should be included in every freelance paralegal’s work agreement.

8 steps to becoming the expert in your law office

Becoming an expert in a particular area of law is one of the best ways you can improve competence and set you and your firm apart. Add value to what you do in your law firm by becoming an expert at something. Here’s how.

Fine-tuning your elevator speech

When presented with the question, “So what do you do?” how do you reply? Do you have a ready answer, commonly known as an elevator speech?

8 things to ask a longtime coworker before they retire

When a long-standing coworker retires from a law firm, their colleagues should take the opportunity to recognize the value that someone with years of experience has, and also attempt to learn everything they can from them. Here are 8 things to ask before they retire:

Bad habits that still exist in your law firm

Times change and priorities evolve. Still, it’s likely that every law firm has a few old habits that can hurt today’s productivity, even if they once worked fine. Here are a few bad habits that can harm a law practice and erode client relationships.

9 myths about notary publics

Despite the important services that notaries perform, many people do not have a clear understanding of exactly what they do. Here are 9 common myths about notaries and the truth about what they do.

Could the 4-day workweek become a reality for your law firm?

Some firms see positive results when switching to a four-day workweek. Will this flexible and shortened workweek make its way to your firm?

8 questions about the legal industry you’ll be asked this holiday season

Legal professionals answer questions about their industry and their role within it on a daily basis (especially during the holidays). Here are the most frequent questions you can expect to field this holiday season.

8 benefits of becoming a certified paralegal

While obtaining a paralegal credential is a voluntary certification process that can improve a resume, it’s not an entry-level requirement to enter the field. Here are 8 reasons why paralegals should consider becoming certified.

Key communication tools to boost your office environment

Communication can make or break relationships in the legal industry. It might be time to consider how specific tools can help to support your efforts. Here are some ways to improve communication at your law firm.

11 ways to improve communication within your law firm

In today’s digital age, the decrease in human engagement and growing popularity of virtual staffing has made it harder than ever to effectively communicate with colleagues. Here are some best practices to enhance communication at your firm:

9 client interview questions to add to your intake process

The first step in the client acquisition process for legal professionals is usually the initial client interview. Here are 9 interview questions you should ask potential clients and why asking them matters:

Tips for converting your scanned file for eFiling

Making original documents accessible in digital format makes it possible to eFile and otherwise manage beyond the filing cabinet. Here are the best practices for converting your scanned file for eFiling:

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