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Jan Hill

About: Jan

Jan Hill is a paralegal and a freelance writer who specializes in law and legal technology topics.

Posts by Jan

Creating your 5-year legal career plan

Are you thinking about where your legal career might take you? Ask yourself where you want to go and determine what steps you need to take in the meantime, when developing your legal career plan.

First steps in preparing your law firm for CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will take effect in January 2020. With more states expected to enact similar legislation, virtually every U.S. consumer will have the right to know how their data is being used. Here’s what your firm needs to know to start being compliant.

5 industries that automation will most likely impact in the next decade 

Artificial intelligence has already changed the lives and tastes of many consumers. Companies like Amazon are completely changing the trajectory of many deep-rooted industries, here are five that will see the biggest impact from AI in the not-so-distant future:

Things to keep from (or share with) your employer

Unfortunately, bosses have been known to make decisions based on an employee’s personal life. Here are some things that you might want to think twice about before sharing with your employer

The rise of AI in the legal industry: will justice prevail?

An overburdened court system has led to a renewed interest in the use of AI in the legal industry. In fact, in Estonia, robot-judges are planning to be introduced by late-2019. However, how accurate and impartial can AI really be in making legal decisions?

Should you become a freelance paralegal?

Being a freelance paralegal involves much more than just being a paralegal. Here are some of the pros and the cons to consider.

5 Hacks for organizing your law office

In law, being organized is considered critical for conducting business in a productive manner. Creating and maintaining a clutter-free environment will likely improve the quality of your work, along with your mood.  

7 reasons technology is important to a paralegal career

Technology is now a major part of the legal industry. Here are 7 reasons today’s paralegals need to embrace technology to keep their careers growing.

Is your paralegal career in a rut?

A legal career can be very unpredictable, and at some point, many people feel like they’ve stagnated. Here’s what it means to be stuck in a career rut, how to tell if you’re in one, and how to break out of it: 

Paralegal-client privilege – does it exist?

Whether you are an attorney or a paralegal, there are ethical obligations everyone must follow when dealing with clients. Obligations to client confidentiality extend to areas further than you may think (regardless of employment status).

5 ways to manage, meet and exceed client expectations

Demanding clients are business as usual in the legal industry. Here are five ways to meet, manage and exceed clients’ potentially unrealistic expectations while remaining sane.

Depression in the legal profession: know when to seek help

Lawyers have the highest depression rate of any career. Uncover what’s driving the trend in the legal industry, recognize the warning signs and find out what you can do about it.

How to navigate the political realities of your law office 

Like it or not, office politics are a fundamental part of the legal workplace. Here are some tips for navigating them gracefully.

Fighting the justice gap: Utah’s licensed paralegal practitioners

As states like Utah take on the justice gap by empowering more professionals to assist in legal matters, let’s take a look at some of the benefits and challenges of the licensed paralegal practitioner model.

What to know about being a legal advocate 

Legal advocacy jobs can involve many areas of law, from family law to environmental law. Discover why you might want to consider becoming a legal advocate!

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