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Jan Hill

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Jan Hill is a paralegal and a freelance writer who specializes in law and legal technology topics.

Posts by Jan

8 benefits of becoming a certified paralegal

While obtaining a paralegal credential is a voluntary certification process that can improve a resume, it’s not an entry-level requirement to enter the field. Here are 8 reasons why paralegals should consider becoming certified.

Key communication tools to boost your office environment

Communication can make or break relationships in the legal industry. It might be time to consider how specific tools can help to support your efforts. Here are some ways to improve communication at your law firm.

11 ways to improve communication within your law firm

In today’s digital age, the decrease in human engagement and growing popularity of virtual staffing has made it harder than ever to effectively communicate with colleagues. Here are some best practices to enhance communication at your firm:

9 client interview questions to add to your intake process

The first step in the client acquisition process for legal professionals is usually the initial client interview. Here are 9 interview questions you should ask potential clients and why asking them matters:

Tips for converting your scanned file for eFiling

Making original documents accessible in digital format makes it possible to eFile and otherwise manage beyond the filing cabinet. Here are the best practices for converting your scanned file for eFiling:

7 checklists that will increase the efficiency of your law practice  

If used, checklists can help improve efficiency and reduce the potential for errors by clearly setting out requirements and standardizing processes. Here are 7 checklists to not only enhance the productivity of your firm but also help grow your practice.

A quick guide to the top 4 social media platforms for legal professionals

Social media is changing how legal pros recruit, locate and investigate witnesses, connect with industry influencers, interact with prospects and clients and much more. However, many aren’t sure exactly how they should pursue this new way of practice law. Here are the most popular platforms they use, along with practical tips for making the most of them.

Ghosting in the workplace: has it hit your firm?

No longer a problem for personal relationships alone, more job seekers and employees are choosing to avoid a potentially uncomfortable conversation with a recruiter or manager by “ghosting” them instead. Learn about the latest not-so-nice trend to hit the job market.

5 traits to look for when deciding to work with an attorney

Here are five traits that every paralegal should look for when deciding to work with an attorney in order to create a successful and solid working relationship. 

8 questions to ask before scheduling a meeting at your law firm

While periodic meetings can increase productivity, meetings in law firms are often notorious for starting late, running long, being unengaging, or having no defined purpose. To make sure your firm is using everyone’s valuable time wisely, here are 8 questions that need to be asked and answered before you set up a meeting.

Best tweets for, by and about paralegals

Twitter can be a very important platform for legal professionals. Paralegals can receive news updates, get connected with potential clients or employers, build new relationships, and pass along words of wisdom related to the industry. Check out these recent tweets!

Should you use a password manager in your firm?

When you consider the lists of companies that have suffered from data breaches recently, any tools to strengthen security on the user side are valuable. Here’s why your firm may want to consider using a password manager.

What are billable hours for a paralegal?

Billable hours. Non-billable hours. The distinction is critical, for those working in a law firm. In fact, many law firms have minimum billable hour requirements and the amount worked will likely affect your chances of securing a higher salary. Here’s what you need to know.

Creating your 5-year legal career plan

Are you thinking about where your legal career might take you? Ask yourself where you want to go and determine what steps you need to take in the meantime, when developing your legal career plan.

7 ways to make the most of a summer lull at your firm

Although the warmer weather and lazy summer days may be good for morale, they’re often hard on a firm’s bottom line. Here are 7 ways to take advantage of the potential opportunities that this seasonal slow time can provide: 

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