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"I have had nothing but excellent service. I have used them for process service and court filing. Their website is user-friendly and the conformed documents are easily accessible and timely"

"Our firm chose One Legal because of their reputation for high-quality service. They haven't let us down: Their website is fast and easy to use and their support staff can be reached on the phone in minutes"


Review via TrustPilot


Review via TrustPilot

Legal professionals love One Legal




Best for individuals managing a case on their own without a lawyer

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+$40.00 to use Concierge

$1.00 / eService ($10.00 max)

eFiling $9.95 after trial

$1.00 / eService ($10.00 max)

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need an eFileCA account to eFile via One Legal?

Where can I file using One Legal?

What physical services can I add?

With a One Legal account, you can file in all 58 superior courts in California. That’s because we’re a comprehensive court filing service provider — we eFile where it’s been introduced and physically deliver elsewhere. Just select your court and we’ll automatically make sure you’re on the right path. Click here for a list of eFiling enabled courts.

Can I use One Legal Concierge?

eFileCA is the technology most of California’s eFiling courts use to run their case management systems. You do need to be registered, but it’s a process that takes under a minute and can be done within your One Legal account once you're signed up. We’re a fully registered and approved eFiling provider in California.

You can add service of process and courtesy copy delivery. We’re a leading process server — working only with the best professionals to get your documents served. Best of all? You can save time and effort by adding these services as you place your court filing.

Yes. Concierge is available to all One Legal customers. Just email your request to our Concierge team and we do it all. We'll file your documents on your behalf; coordinate your service of process; manage your bulk filings; and more. Click here to learn more about One Legal Concierge.

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