Say hello toeFiling in Nevada

Third-party eFiling in Nevada is here and the opportunities for legal professionals who file into Nevada Courts are expanding. Discover what this shift means and how it can benefit your law firm.


Meet the speakers

Get the eFiling essentials you need for successful eFiling in Nevada

Taylah Allen


One Legal, an InfoTrack Company

Taylah brings 10+ years of experience in the legal tech industry, with a strong start in sales leading to a rapid rise into leadership roles. As President of One Legal, Taylah embraces her competitive spirit and drive for efficient results to deliver on our mission to be the most loved litigation platform. 

Third-party eFiling is now available in Nevada for limited and unlimited Civil cases, including unlawful detainers, small claims, civil harassment restraining orders, and civil appeals.

Stay prepared by joining us for a deep dive into the eFiling process. We'll provide a comprehensive overview of the new rules and requirements that should be on your team's radar while answering any questions that you've had come up so far.

You will learn:

  • County-specific rules and requirements
  • Which documents are exempt from eFiling
  • Where to find answers to common eFiling questions
  • How to avoid the most frequent rejection reasons
  • And more...

Stay tuned until the end for a demo of the One Legal platform and a Q&A with eFiling experts.

Brooke Greene

Client Success Manager

One Legal, an InfoTrack Company

With 17 years of experience at One Legal in roles spanning operations, training, and client success, Brooke deeply understands the unique needs and challenges of her clients. She is dedicated to providing law firms with the tools and training needed to eFile and serve in California.