Trust experience: we’ve been filing court documents for more than 25 years and pioneered electronic filing over a decade ago. We’ve harnessed this experience to build our eFiling platform with one thing in mind — your success. Today, we’re trusted by tens of thousands of legal professionals and file almost a million documents every year.

We believe that eFiling needn’t be complicated. That’s why our system includes core features, like PDF conversion, as standard. It’s also why we disburse all fees, including court fees, on your behalf and send you one simple invoice for each filing that you place.

We’re a comprehensive litigation support firm, which means we can offer unique features — like the ability to add on personal service of process as you place your filing — and a human touch. Corporate and law firm customers get access to dedicated customer support by phone or email and their own account manager.

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For 25 years, customers have relied on our comprehensive suite of products for all their litigation support needs – both electronic and physical filing, service of process, eService, court research, court document retrieval, and courtesy copy delivery.

Get ready to make your work remarkably easier.