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March 24-26, 2020

Presented by One Legal

60 min

Level up your law practice with Excel & Outlook

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On-demand session

Microsoft Outlook and Excel tend to get little attention in legal practice training, but for very different reasons.

Outlook is so ubiquitous (who doesn’t use email?) that everyone thinks they’ve got it down cold. The truth? Very few people really know its potential as a workflow-management tool.  

And Excel? That app straight up intimidates everyone but hardcore financial types. When an Excel spreadsheet lands in someone’s inbox, it gets passed around like a hot potato: “Who knows how to deal with this?” 

During this session, LegalOfficeGuru.com’s Deborah Savadra will demonstrate Outlook and Excel tips specific to the practice of law that can save you time and frustration. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Use built-in Outlook features like Rules & Alerts and Quick Steps to minimize inbox overwhelm and perform frequent tasks faster 
  • Manage outgoing mail for better responses (yes, outgoing mail needs managing) 
  • Set up Out of Office replies that are both helpful AND safe 
  • Create Quick Parts for standard forms and replies 
  • Automate email retention policies 
  • Hack Outlook’s Calendar and Task features to better manage your workday 
  • Spot comma Excel “gotchas” like filtered or hidden data 
  • Print ginormous spreadsheets in an easy-to-read format 
  • Leverage features like Freeze Panes and the Status Bar for easier spreadsheet review 
  • Summarize large data sets with pivot tables 

Attend this session, and we guarantee you’ll come away armed with all sorts of time-saving tips for working in Outlook and Excel! 

Session description

Deborah Savadra

Deborah Savadra is blogger-in-chief at LegalOfficeGuru.com, which features video training in Microsoft Office, especially for attorneys and law office staff. She’s logged over 20 years working in and around law offices as a legal secretary, paralegal, and software trainer, and she also spent several years in Corporate America as a programmer/analyst for Y2K conversion projects. 

She now leverages her unique law-and-IT background to help lawyers and their staff caught up in “the new legal normal” do things better, faster, and cheaper using the technology tools they already have available.

Software Instructor, Legal Office Guru

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