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March 24-26, 2020

Presented by One Legal

45 min

2020 Changes to California State Court Procedure: eFiling, eService, and more

On-demand session

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This presentation will highlight several January 2020 changes to the California Code of Civil Procedure and the California Rules of Court affecting eFiling, eService, and discovery. Topics will include how parties agree to accept eService, which eFiled documents need some form of signature and what that form must be, new procedures relating to responses to interrogatories, requests for admission and production of documents, and more.


In addition, because eFiling is mandatory in many courts, this presentation will also look at the breadth of the mandatory eService rules, i.e., what must be eServed? Is there a clear answer? If not, what are practitioners doing?


Julie and Mark will address these issues from two very different focal points: Julie focusing on the plain meaning of the codes and rules and their interplay, and Mark focusing on what practitioners are doing and how courts are responding. This presentation will not only get you up to speed on these new procedures, but alert you to some of their underlying pitfalls so that you can avoid them.

Session description

Julie A. Goren, Esq.

Julie A. Goren has been involved in various aspects of California litigation for almost four decades. She wrote the first edition of Litigation By The Numbers® (LBTN) in 1982, as a self-taught legal secretary. Having previously searched in vain for a book that would show her, step by step, how to prepare, file, serve, and calendar documents in California state court lawsuits, she decided to fill that need herself. After self-publishing the first edition, Julie entered Loyola Law School, graduating in the top 3% of the class of 1987.

Julie has for many years played an important role in implementing changes to California litigation procedure. She has been responsible for initiating revisions to rules and forms. Many of her comments on proposed changes have been adopted by the Judicial Council. Julie relies heavily on her advance knowledge of rule and form changes to publish twice-yearly updates to LBTN.

Author and Publisher, Lawdable Press

Mark Schwartz

Manager of Government Relations and Public Policy, One Legal

As One Legal’s Government Relations & Public Policy Manager, Mark works very closely with courts throughout the country, helping to develop new eFiling and eService projects. With 40 years in the industry, Mark is an expert on California service of process statutes, case law, and CA Rules of Court regarding eFiling and eService. Formerly our Director of Training, Mark is also himself a paralegal and has served as president and legislative chairman of the California Association of Legal Support Professionals.

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