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About the 30 day free trial

30-day free eFiling and eService trial


How does the 30-day free eFiling and eService trial work?

Newly created accounts will not be charged One Legal service fees for electronic court filing or electronic service features for the first 30 days.

There are no jurisdictional limitations on the free trial — it applies wherever eFiling is available via One Legal, including California, Illinois, Indiana, and TexasThe trial does not apply in Stanislaus County, California where eFiling is currently only available via concierge.

The trial begins as soon as you create a new account on One Legal. There’s no need to take any action; all eligible new accounts are enrolled automatically.

You’ll be notified when your trial is coming to an end.

Free trial usage and limitations

The free trial applies only to One Legal service fees for electronic court filing and electronic service of process. It does not apply to One Legal service fees for any other products, such as physical court filing and process serving.

The trial is limited to One Legal service fees and does not cover any statutory court fees or technology access fees that One Legal pays upfront on your behalf. One Legal will charge a disbursements convenience fee to cover the costs of handling these fees. This fee is waived if you elect to pay via ACH. 

During the 30-day trial, your invoice will show all other fees charged and indicate the One Legal fees that have been waived.


The free eFiling and eService trial is available to “Professional” accounts only. Self-represented litigants (pro per) are not eligible for the free trial.


We reserve the right to remove an account from the free trial at any time for any reason including, but not limited to, irregular patterns of activity and incorrect account registration information.

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