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"One Legal is one of the best electronic court filing vendors I've ever used. Customer service is very responsive and will work diligently with you to solve any problems that arise."

"One Legal is excellent—quality and service. They are especially helpful if you have a process question that requires a fast answer. Telephone service is great, as well as email."

"Excellent service! Fast and reliable. Prices are extremely reasonable. However, what is distinguishing OneLegal from other online filing services—great customer service. "

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TrustPilot review

TrustPilot review

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30,000 legal professionals trust One Legal across California, Indiana, Illinois, and Texas.

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No eFiling in your court? No problem. Upload your documents and we'll print, assemble, and deliver on your behalf.

Where eFiling is available, your filings will automatically be delivered electronically.  

Need to arrange personal service of process? Through out network of vetted professionals we can serve anywhere in the United States.







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per filing

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15 pages and in remote areas

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Additional fees may apply if service address is in a remote area

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an eFileCA account to eFile in some courts via One Legal?

Where can I file using One Legal?

eFileCA is the technology most of California’s eFiling courts use to run their case management systems. You do need to be registered, but it’s a process that takes under a minute and can be done within your One Legal account once you're signed up. We’re a fully registered and approved eFiling provider in California.

With a One Legal account, you can file in all 58 superior courts in California. We’re a comprehensive court filing service provider — we eFile where it’s been introduced and physically deliver elsewhere. Just select your court and we’ll automatically make sure you’re on the right path.

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What physical services can I add?

Can I use One Legal Concierge?

You can add service of process and courtesy copy delivery. We’re a leading process server — working only with the best professionals to get your documents served. Best of all? You can save time and effort by adding these services as you place your court filing.

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Yes. Concierge is available to all One Legal customers. Just email your request to our Concierge team and we do it all. We'll file your documents on your behalf; coordinate your service of process; manage your bulk filings; and more.

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