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eFiling: your system is not easy to use

eFiling system background

When the San Diego Superior Court started looking around for a new eFiling vendor a few years ago, they had some clear objectives.  One big requirement was that the new eFiling vendor would integrate with the court’s case management system.  Their previous eFiling vendor had built a standalone system that the court could log into and view data and documents but did not easily facilitate the court “owning” their data and documents.  Instead, the eFiling vendor’s system did.  If the court wanted to add any data or documents to their system, the clerk had to do manual data entry, which took at average of 20 minute per transaction.  To provide a similar, relatable scenario, it’s kind of like owning a car but needing to knock on your neighbor’s door to get your key every time you want to drive it – not very efficient, annoying, and takes way too long to get anywhere.

One of the great benefits One Legal provides to courts that employ our eFiling services is that we integrate our eFiling portal with the court’s own systems.  So, when you place a transaction with us, you are literally entering case data into the court’s systems. That’s why they have very specific rules like not using any punctuation.

The court benefits when you, the filer, fill out the information required in their case management systems.   While this may take a bit longer for you, it saves the court a tremendous amount of time.  But that time savings does get passed on to you, eventually, because the court can now process more documents each day.

More documents = more cases
more revenue opportunity for your firm

 Don’t let this happen to you!

Oh…and just to be clear, the court is pretty serious about you filling out ALL the required information, including all party information.  In the image below, you can see the “Case Participants” table.  When you place a filing transaction, please be sure to cross-reference this list with any parties that are named in your documents.  If you have parties in your documents not named on this list, and you do not add them on the “Case Participants” screen, the court has stated that they will REJECT your documents.

You see, that list is pulled in real-time from the court’s case management system and is a true reflection of who the court has identified as a case participant.  And if you need to make changes to that list, you can’t call One Legal.  You must follow the court’s procedures for removal of a party.

The case participant list is not the One Legal managed eService list!

To access One Legal’s managed eService lists for Construction Defect and JCCP cases, you must subscribe to CaseLink.  You can access your case pages and eService lists here:

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