You asked, we listened: CaseLink is now faster, cleaner, and more user-friendly


We’ve made a major update to CaseLink, our tool for managing electronic service of process in complex, multi-party litigation.

You told us you valued CaseLink’s managed eService list but that its user interface was slow and difficult to navigate. We’ve heard your feedback. This change brings a visual redesign, swifter eService submission, expanded search results, and new document filtering and sorting options.

The goal of all these changes? To help you work faster by finding the information and cases you need straight away. Here’s what’s changed in this new release of CaseLink:

A visual redesign


  • We’ve cleaned up CaseLink’s user interface so that information and important functions are easier to find and it’s in line with our established One Legal style.
  • We’ve focused on creating intuitive links to documents and important information.

Swift eService submission


  • There are just three steps required to place an eServe. You can begin an eServe by clicking on “Serve” beside a case.
  • The required fields for eServing are clearly described and organized.
  • We’ve made the link to the form where you can request a modification to the eService list more prominent. This feature will undergo ongoing enhancement.

New search features


  • Universal search (in the menu bar at the top of the window) will now find and clearly display results for searches by case name, case number, document type, or transaction number.
  • Search results are organized and displayed with clear headers.

New document filtration features

  • We’ve added new ways to filter the list of served documents displayed on each case’s page so that you can easily and quickly find the document you need among the hundreds that have been served. You can now filter by:
    • Date range; and
    • Serving party.

What’s not changed

CaseLink functions like it always has and the pricing is unchanged.

If you’re a CaseLink user, you will continue to benefit from CaseLink’s core features.

  • When eServing: Access to a centrally managed eService list; the ability to serve all, or specific, parties to the case in a few clicks; access to your transaction history; and automatic certificates of successful eService.
  • As a user: Email notification of eServes with direct links to served documents; and access to all case information, including all served documents and the eService contact list.


Here at One Legal, we believe in continuous improvement. We welcome your feedback on our products and services. If you’ve got views on this CaseLink update or features you’d like to see, let us know by emailing [email protected] or commenting below.

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