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CaseLink: what’s up with your fees?

Before we even began to think about what fees to charge for our CaseLink service, we spent a lot of time asking questions to both our current customers and law firms that practice Construction Defect litigation – specifically in the San Diego market.  Our intent was to find out what they liked – and didn’t like – about the current service they were using.  We wanted to use the feedback to create an easy-to-use eService tool that provided an overall better experience than what other services were providing.  Surprisingly, pricing was one of the first issues raised.  We heard things like:

“I don’t like being surprised by a huge bill.”

“I can’t understand my bill.”

“I don’t like being nickled-and-dimed.” 

“I wish I didn’t have to keep track of random fees.”

“It upsets me that I have to pay to gain access to, or download, a document on my case.”

“I tried calling to get some answers but it just took too long.” 

So, we looked around at some other pricing models and came up with an all-inclusive model.  We wanted our customers to have a completely transparent experience when it came to pricing.  A simple model with only 4 fees:

  • Monthly Case Access
  • eService
  • eFiling
  • Courtesy Copy Delivery

We wanted to embrace the spirit of the efficiencies technology offers so we built a completely open system.  So, for a low-cost monthly case access fee, our customers could enjoy total open access for their entire firm (unlimited users) to view and download all case documents, receive email eService alerts, and view all case party information and a fully-managed eService list.

Did we get it wrong?  We’d love to hear from you!

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