Top 10 Indiana legal professionals you should be following on Twitter

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What’s happening in the legal industry for Indiana state? That’s a question that is best answered by legal professionals and industry experts. Lucky for all of us, many of those same savvy speakers are sharing their knowledge on the platform we all know and love and love to hate: Twitter.

So here are the top Indiana influencers to check out for the latest news, insight, and commentary on happenings in the legal industry. Drumroll, please!

In no particular order:


All the latest from the sources themselves! Follow the Indiana state court’s Twitter account for opinions handed down, meeting agendas, and announcements for county courts—including new additions to eFiling.


State news, case updates, and information about webinars, events, and association meetings. Come for the lawsuits, stay for the heartwarming retweets.


As the reporter for The Indiana Lawyer, Olivia Covington is on top of and out in front of dozens of stories near to the heart of the ‘Hoosier’ community. Her tweets track the progress of important cases, share informative reports, and invites readers into the inner workings of their state court.


This long-time legal consultant shares market trends, social media tips for lawyers, and strategies for business development, as well as opinions on current events. Kris Hughes is a go-to source for all things marketing and success in the legal industry.


As legal affairs reporter for the Indy, Fatima Hussein has one of the newsiest feeds of all and is a hub of everything legal professionals need to know about what’s happening in the heart of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and beyond.


Describing herself as a “lawyer working from Indiana to India to support foundations listening & responding to their communities,” this attorney as her finger on the pulse, sharing human interest stories, important information about support in the community, and significant changes in the law.


Follow the Indiana Law Blog for comprehensive coverage of state news, federal happenings, court updates, and other industry-relevant information.


Run by  students, this feed is a resource for legal practitioners and students alike, featuring opinion pieces by the editors, important legal reports, the newest information on legal studies, and analyses on current events.


Get your practice tip of the week, insight into ongoing discussions in the industry, fun contests, and thoughtful assessments of recent decisions on the Indianapolis Bar Association Twitter feed.


Indianapolis lawyer Amy Cornell gives followers a glimpse into Indiana’s agricultural processes, welcomes readers into decision-making meetings, and shares highly relatable posts about life, both personal and professional.


Who do you get your Twitter news and insight from? Share your favorite Indiana legal professionals and top sources in the comments!

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