Top 10 Los Angeles Twitter accounts legal professionals should be following

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We know One Legal is your main resource for updates to the world of eFiling, but how do you get the rest of your legal-related news? Social media has long been one of the best channels for staying updated on items of note that are happening around us. And some professionals are particularly adept.

Here are some of the most informative and interesting accounts tweeting about the industry and what’s happening in the City of Angels.


Top-ranked Loyola Law School makes its home in Los Angeles, and has a Twitter account with a lot to offer. Relevant for more than just students, followers get information on community events and speaker series, read summaries of recent studies, and see community public service announcements.


This trustee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association tweets about privacy, data security, and legal technology issues. Tanya Forsheit was also recently nominated by the Los Angeles Business Journal as a Leader in Law and is a finalist for Cybersecurity Lawyer.


The LA Law Library, ‘your partner in legal research,’ has a Twitter account full of local events and weeklong celebrations, information about emergency preparedness, and a look at the news on the Supreme Court and local judges.


The largest newspaper on the West Coast, Los Angeles Times reports news from the city and around the world. This Twitter account is one of the best for news and often has the very latest scoop on legal events taking place all across the country.

@Bet Tzedek

A Los Angeles-based legal aid group that is “dedicated for justice for all,” the Bet Tzedek Twitter feed is full of pro-bono inspiration stories, opportunities for volunteer work, and tools for undocumented workers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs alike.


The good, the bad, and a lot of the ugly, the LA District Attorney’s Twitter account is chock full of the most recent indictments, and the progression of high-profile cases. They also tweet about resources for domestic abuse victims and warnings of possible security app scams.


Sara Randazzo is the legal reporter for The Wall Street Journal in Los Angeles, and her tweets are often the definition of cutting edge reporting. Randazzo posts about everything from popular legal fiction writers, to the latest developments on California-based cases, to on-scene updates on recent devastating natural disasters.


The State Bar of California Business Law Section strives to be a vital source of education and service opportunities. Follow to learn about upcoming conferences, cases making the news, and more details that affect the state’s legal professionals.


Edvard Pettersson is the legal news reporter for Bloomberg in Los Angeles. Follow his Twitter account for comprehensive journalistic explorations of legal cases that are rooted in California, and highly relevant current events affecting professionals across the city.


A student-run organization, the UCLA Law Review publishes legal articles ‘of the highest academic quality.’ Follow their Twitter account for in-depth opinions on federal policy decisions written by law professors and state news as it pertains to the legal industry.


Who are your favorite Twitter accounts to follow for insight into the legal industry? Share your top accounts in the comments!

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