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Bringing effective legal project management to your team

legal project management

For decades, the term “project management” invoked images of construction workers and engineers huddled around a set of blueprints, scheming to raise a building from the ground up. It was rarely, if ever, applied in the legal setting. In recent years, however, the legal profession has embraced the concept of […]

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The evolution of legal support: past, present, and future

evolution of legal support

From creating elaborate presentations to navigating ever more complex legal technology, the responsibilities of paralegals and legal support staff have grown significantly since the days when lawyers worked alone with paper and pen. More than one quarter-million paralegals and legal support staff are currently working throughout the nation, and the U.S. […]

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6 legal support skills to be proud of wherever you go

People cheering

As a paralegal or legal secretary, you have highly specialized experience in submitting court filings, managing case files, planning presentations for trial, and other tasks that usually happen only in a law firm or legal department. But working in legal support gives you skills beyond the day to day technical […]

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7 things legal professionals should stop doing

stop light on railroad tracks

It’s not just legal professionals, every industry and every office has certain less than stellar work habits. Add them all up and some harmless seeming habits can actually have a fairly large negative impact on your wellbeing, both personally and professionally. Here are some things legal professionals—and everyone else, too–should […]

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Maximizing the power of your legal support staff

Group of office workers posing for a photograph

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), “Rare is the law firm that fully leverages its paralegal team.” While law schools may provide attorneys with a solid legal education, many successful lawyers don’t have the faintest idea how to best utilize their support staff. When attorneys don’t consider their staff […]

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