10 alternatives to meetings your firm should try

meeting room

The face-to-face interaction of a team meeting is often useful for picking up nonverbal cues and team building, but is it always necessary? While being crucial and extremely useful in some scenarios, meetings as a whole are notoriously time-wasting. Too much waiting around, not enough staying on task. Too much […]

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How the science of persuasion impacts the legal profession

legal professional persuasion

It is undeniable that lawyers and other legal professionals rely heavily on persuasion. In fact, some lawyers refer to persuasion as an art form. But the person many people consider the foremost authority on this subject thinks that persuasion is actually a science.  Robert Cialdini is a professor emeritus of psychology and marketing at Arizona State […]

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Best practices for maintaining client relationships

maintaining client relationships

While getting prospective clients to your door might be the hardest part, establishing and maintaining client relationships can also be a challenge. Yet creating connections with clients that will continue and deepen over the years is just as important. Legal professionals are responsible for creating and maintaining positive relationships with […]

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6 ways for legal professionals to defuse tense situations

woman sitting

Due to the nature of the work, the legal industry carries a high potential for anxiety and tension. When working with upset clients, it can be a challenge to represent your firm with the utmost calm, composure, and professionalism. Promote clear communication and avoid costly mistakes with these six different […]

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