Solano Superior Court issues a positive status update

Positive outlook on state of affairs for Solano Superior Court

The Solano Superior Court has released a somewhat positive status update on the state of their affairs, reports Jess Sullivan of the Daily Republic. Sullivan, who was covering a luncheon at the Rancho Solano Country Club, quoted Solano Superior Court Presiding Judge E. Bradley Nelson stating, “We’re in reasonably good shape, but not great shape.”

Considering that many California courts have been asking for increased funding just to maintain operating hours, this is relatively good news.

Some of the positive changes addressed in the Daily Republic’s Article included:

  • Possibly expanding clerical office operating hours at all three courthouse locations.
  • A new children’s waiting room for the public at the Fairfield courthouse.
  • A decrease in the number of traffic tickets.

Sullivan also reported that in addition to these changes, the court has confirmed a two-year contract with court staff that includes pay raises. They have also launched special programs for certain criminal cases for veterans and families with a family member dealing with a domestic criminal charge.

However, according to Sullivan’s Article in the Daily Republic, Judge Nelson made it abundantly clear that as of right now, the court has no plans to reopen civil and family law clerical offices in the Vallejo branch. Sullivan noted that Judge Nelson did disclose that the court is planning on implementing eFiling for certain documents, in particular cases.

The last few years have seen courts such as San Diego, San Francisco, and Orange County execute eFiling programs that have been very successful. If you are interested in learning more about eFiling and eService in these counties, sign up for any of our free, MCLE accredited courses!

To read the Daily Republic’s article in its entirety, click here.

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