September 18, 2020: Weekly court update

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What’s changing in the world of California courts? We’ve reviewed all 58 superior court websites looking for important updates and have gathered them here for your information.

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Please note: All resources shared by One Legal are intended as high-level summaries only. For a full picture of each court’s response to the challenges of COVID-19, please visit the individual court website.

Court updates this week

New rules proposed, court holidays declared, and time periods extended.

Alameda County

The Court invited attorneys and interested parties to comment on proposed amendments to local rules and forms.

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Fresno County

On September 11th, the presiding judge extended the Civil Grand Jury term to span 18 months.

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Kings County

The Court extended the time period provided or holding criminal trials, allowed courts to make use of available technology to conduct remote proceedings, and suspended any rules that would prevent the use of technology.

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Marin County

The Court has ordered September 17-October 15, 2020, inclusive, to be deemed holidays for the purposes of computing time. The order also stated that past administrative orders would stay in place, authorized judges to make use of available technology, allowed court sessions to be held anywhere in the county, and more.

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Placer County

Due to a power outage, the Court will be operating with modified services on September 18, 2020.

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Riverside County

The Court has posted an order of discharge of delinquent debt for those on its discharge report.

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Sacramento County

A recent Court order allows sessions to be held anywhere in the county and extends provided time periods.

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San Bernardino County

The Court has announced a reduction to clerk’s office hours effective December 1, 2020, due to budget challenges.
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The Court extended the time period provided for conducting criminal trials and for holding preliminary examinations.

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San Diego County

The Court has extended the time period provided for the holding of a preliminary examination.

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Santa Barbara County

On September 15th, the Court ordered that sessions could be held anywhere in the county and declared that September 17, 2020 to October 16, 2020, inclusive, be deemed holidays for purposes of computing time for filing papers.

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In a September 16th order, the Court has allowed any judge to extend a time period provided for holding a criminal trial, hold sessions anywhere in the county, and collaborate with local justice partners to conduct trials earlier if possible.

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Santa Clara County

The Court’s judicial officers will virtually visit 5th grade students across the county to educate them about the Constitution.

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Shasta County

The Court now requires an unlawful detainer cover sheet to confirm the nature of the case and whether the matter is based in whole or in part on nonpayment of rent or other charges.
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