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One Legal proud to sponsor legal innovation at CourtHack 2016

One Legal sponsor CourtHack

This weekend One Legal is the headline sponsor at CourtHack 2016, a 30-hour collaborative hackathon organized by the National Center for State Courts. Here, One Legal Vice President — and judge at this year’s event — Noah Aron discusses One Legal’s commitment to legal innovation.

Unfortunately, we don’t typically associate the courts with cutting-edge technology.

Starting at the top — the Supreme Court — it isn’t hard to see why. Our nation’s highest court has been, at best, slow to embrace technology.

The high court has repeatedly resisted calls to allow cameras or personal recording devices into its building. Visitors, reporters included, are restricted to pen and paper. The court has a very basic website and no presence on social media.

With only a few exceptions, it doesn’t get better when we think about state courts. For reasons ranging from deep budget cuts to a seriously deficient procurement process the courts have been slow to adopt when it comes to using technology to widen access to justice, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

With today’s technology, the internet, and smartphones changing the lives of all Americans and building new, higher, expectations of how the world should work, the courts are finding opportunities to embrace new technology and solve problems differently.

Opportunities for our courts to connect with innovators and entrepreneurial techies have never been greater.

The courts meet Silicon Valley

Connecting the courts with companies with technological know-how and individuals with the innovative attitude to develop solutions that can disrupt the paper-based economy is increasingly important.

I’m very proud that One Legal is at the forefront of those efforts. From our Bay Area home, we’re building tools that radically reduce the friction between the lawyers and individuals who need to interact with the judicial system and the courts themselves.

While we’re already pioneers in electronic document filing and electronic service of process, to take things further we’ve built One Legal Labs — an ideas incubator. This project is our contribution to the effort to bring 21st-century technology to our courts system.

We can’t do it alone, though. Collaboration is key to finding new solutions to the problems facing our courts and our justice system.

Bernie Meyerson, Chief Innovation Officer at IBM (a company that, with more patents awarded than any other in the United States for the past 20 consecutive years, knows a little about innovation) argues that what is needed to solve our biggest challenges is “radical collaboration.”

“What’s needed is radical collaboration—large-scale efforts to find common cause and share resources, expertise and ideas across the borders between companies and institutions. Innovation isn’t about ‘me’ anymore—one person, one company, or even one country. It’s about ‘we.’” (Bernie Meyerson, Chief Innovation Officer at IBM).

At One Legal, we’re determined to bring this spirit to the legal industry — a sector ripe for innovation and disruption. It’s what keeps us endlessly motivated and what makes ours such an exciting sector to work within.

CourtHack 2016

It’s this commitment to innovation and collaboration that makes me so proud that One Legal is a headline sponsor of CourtHack (March 4-5, 2016).

An initiative of the National Center for State Courts, CourtHack is a hackathon that will bring together more than 100 technologists, coders, designers, and tech enthusiasts to spend 30-hours designing and building prototype solutions for some of the most serious problems facing our courts.

One Legal, via One Legal Labs, is providing a unique prize: an opportunity for two winners to spend a month in San Francisco, the nation’s innovation capital, to develop their plans under the guidance of our experienced engineers and product managers.

It’s just one part of our contribution to the radical collaboration that’s necessary to find the technological solutions our courts system so badly needs.

Find out more about CourtHack and One Legal’s sponsorship here.

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