New One Legal support center: all the updates you need to know

New support center

Have you ever had a question about One Legal’s filing platform? Have you ever needed to add an attorney or get billing information but wasn’t sure how?

One Legal is thrilled to introduce our new and improved support center! This freshly designed and carefully updated site is a comprehensive knowledge base for all things One Legal, and has the answers to anything you could possibly want to know about using our platform for eFiling, process serving, court research, document retrieval, and more.

What’s new and improved

Here are some of the highlights shared by the customer success team:

Improved search

The new search feature brings up possible answers to your questions as soon as you type in a word—any word. See the most relevant articles, as well as any with matching keywords, assigned by customer success specialists with experience in connecting users to the right information.

How can we help

Popular questions

A new section on the right-hand side gathers the most read questions by fellow One Legal users and is automatically updated frequently to reflect what other readers have found most useful.

Popular questions


Since watching something can be an effective way to learn, our team has created a series of short videos to walk you through certain tasks like How to sign up for ACH or How to view your statements. You can also view complete trainings on eFiling in your state, service of process, and getting started with One Legal.


As One Legal brings its eFiling services to new courts around the country, we wanted to make it easier for readers to find the information that was relevant to each state. You can now look at articles just for California, Illinois, Indiana, or Texas.


Related questions

Beneath each article, we’ve gathered three related questions that might also help you more easily navigate the One Legal platform. Follow the trail of similar answers for a quick Q&A session without the extra ‘Q’s.

Related questions

Feedback function

How well did the article answer your question? This new feedback feature lets you thumb up or down an article to let us know which ones were satisfactory, and which ones could use a little more explanation. We appreciate the information!


Which new feature are you headed over to try now?

Check out next

We’ve worked hard to improve the entirety of our billing center. These might be useful to take a look at:

Billing center

We’ve been working hard to improve our billing center to make it easier than ever for One Legal to disburse all legal fees while enabling simple billing codes for client organization. If you need a quick debrief on any of the functions that make our billing as simple as possible, check out the short videos and quick articles that help you through those steps.


Caselink is a specialist tool designed to help law firms manage complex litigation cases. Current and potential users can browse articles related to this software for assistance in making the most out of Caselink.

Top articles

Want to learn more? Here are some of the most useful articles on our new support center:

Have questions that you don’t see answered on the new One Legal support center? You can always reach out to our fantastic Customer Support team at [email protected].

You can also attend an office hour to speak with one of our customer success managers about your question. Register now.

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