New look One Legal is here

Things are looking a little different around here today!

We’re pleased to let you know that we’ve launched a brand new look for One Legal’s platform that’s not only much easier on the eye but will also make our system easier to navigate and quicker to use.

We think that you’re going to love it, but we know that technology change can sometimes be a stress. So here are all of the changes we’ve made detailed in one place.

A fresh design

For starters, we’ve given the entire platform a makeover. Our team have updated every corner of One Legal and cleared out some clutter, so you can focus on what matters to you: your work.

Our primary goal in creating the new look has been to improve your experience. We think you’ll find that the new platform not only looks and feels modern, but is also more intuitive, easier to navigate around, and quicker to get used to.

Whatever you’re ordering — whether it’s an eFiling, a physical filing, a process serve, or a court document retrieval — you can do it all through your One Legal login.

One Legal

Simpler navigation

The navigation buttons have been moved so that the “continue” button is always in the bottom right-hand corner, rather than being on the left. And we’ve added a clear progress bar so that you can easily see what stage of your order you’re at.

We’ve also increased the size of important buttons, placed important information prominently on the right-hand side of the screen, and embedded choices — like service level selection — into the workflow so that no more irritating pop-up windows appear.

One Legal

Responsive, in-product support

We’ve taken our industry-leading training and support and built it directly into the platform in the form of walkthroughs. A walkthrough is a series of interactive steps that you can call on anytime from a new “help” button in the bottom right-hand corner. These will guide you through all of the stages necessary to successfully complete your task.

We’ve created a walkthrough that will take you a tour of the new look platform, as well as several for the most common tasks, and more are on the way!

One LegalWe know that sometimes you still want the reassurance of speaking to someone so the walkthroughs supplement, rather than replace, our team of expert customer support representatives. You’ll still be able to get in touch with us by phone or email when you need us.

Optimized for mobiles and tablets

Once upon a time, you only accessed services like One Legal from a desktop computer. These days people interact with online tools across many different platforms and devices — sometimes in a single day.

You expect One Legal to be there for you wherever and whenever you need, whether it’s at your desk or on the go. We’ve added some great mobile features, such as the ability to check order status on mobile devices and we’ll be adding even more functionality soon.

One Legal

You’ll see the new look as soon as you log in. So don’t delay, check out the new look One Legal today.

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