New in One Legal: eFiling enhancements in California courts

If you’re using One Legal to eFile court documents in California, you’ll appreciate four new features we’ve recently added that make eFiling even better!

These latest enhancements are part of our commitment to you to develop our services continually. We love it when you share your feedback with us, and we’re able to work with our development team to build an even better product.

Read more about these latest changes below. When you’re done, and you’ve given them a try, why not let us know your thoughts via [email protected]?

[textblock style=”3″]Unless stated, these new features are available in superior courts that utilize the eFileCA system to accept eFilings. These are currently: Fresno, Kern, Merced, Monterey, Napa, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Sutter, and Yuba.[/textblock]

Reduce your risk of filing rejection by adding Double Check 

When you reach the “Submit” button, and you’re about to send your documents directly to the court clerks, it’s normal to get a case of the “hmmms” — that nagging feeling that there might be something about your filing’s formatting or assembly that could get it rejected.

That’s where Double Check. It’s where you top to have one of our expert document specialists reviews your filing before submission against common errors and to ensure that it complies with state and local formatting rules.

So, how does Double Check work? 

It’s easy. Place your filing in One Legal’s platform just as you usually would. When you reach the Review screen, simply check “Review my eFiling” beneath the Double Check heading.

Your filing will be diverted to one of our trained and experienced document specialists working in our office in Oakland, California. They’ll open up your documents and check that they don’t contain any of the most common reasons the clerks reject court filings — such as missing signatures, absent case information, or incorrect pagination.

They’ll also make sure that your documents are compliant with state-mandated formatting rules like text searchability, electronic bookmarks, and the use of only certain kinds of font style and size.

If we find an error or something that needs to be corrected, we’ll contact you by phone immediately. In some cases — like adding electronic bookmarks — we can perform the task for you, with your permission (additional charges may apply). Other times, we’ll send your documents back to you so that you can fix the issues we’ve identified and re-submit your filing.

Our promise to you? Peace of mind and the knowledge that, when you file with One Legal, you’re in safe hands.

Let us automatically save you money on statutory court fees 

We’ve always sought to make eFiling as quick and straightforward as possible. One way we’ve done that is by paying all fees — including case initiation fees, court filing fees, and other mandated charges — on your behalf and then sending you one simple, itemized invoice.

When we pay these fees for you, the court charges us the same convenience fee they levy on everyone paying court fees — a percentage of the total up to 3.5%. That can start to add up, especially when you’re filing a new case!

Now, our system will automatically pay these fees via flat $1 fee eCheck where it’s available, and it would be more cost effective for you. (Note that this payment method is currently available in Fresno, Kern, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Napa, San Luis Obispo, Santa Clara, Sutter, and Yuba superior courts — though more courts are in the process of adding it).  

We’ll pass this entire saving directly to you. We’ll even show you exactly how much you’re saving on the Review tab!

Cancel an eFiling right up until the moment the clerk opens it for review 

We get it! Sometimes you click “Submit” only to realize a moment later that you’ve uploaded the wrong version of a document, missed out a vital piece of information, or misspelled a crucial detail.

Wouldn’t it be great if in these circumstances you could cancel the order, recall the filing, and submit a new set of documents at no charge?

Now, when you eFile with One Legal, you can. In those courts that use the eFileCA system to accept filings, you’ll now see the option to “Cancel Order” on the Order Status screen. If the clerk hasn’t yet reviewed your filing the option is available (it’ll be grayed out and unavailable to click once the clerk has opened your documents).

Now canceling a filing is as simple as clicking “Cancel Order” and confirming.

Easily let the court know if you have a fee waiver or are fee exempt 

Letting the court know that you or your client has a fee waiver, or alerting them that you’re filing on behalf of a fee exempt organization is vital. To make that task as quick and simple as possible, we’ve added clear option buttons on the Order Info tab.

We want your feedback! 

We’re committed to building the best eFiling and eService platform. That means listening to your views and collecting your feedback. If you’ve got thoughts about our services, please let us know via [email protected].

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