New at One Legal in February: Invite users, eFiling courts, and more

February is coming to a close and we’ve been hard at work over at One Legal trying out new features and introducing new courts to electronic court filing.

Here are some of the things that happened over the last month:

User management improvement

Thanks to a new update, administrators can now invite users to their One Legal account. This feature makes it easier for team members to join and cuts out the in-between steps of the registration process. Administrators have more control to add and assign members of the firm, either when first setting up or later when it’s time to add more people to the team.

Add Contact

When adding new users to your firm’s account, admins can fill in much of the employee’s information so that the new contact can more quickly connect to their account. Each new user will receive an email inviting them to easily create a login to link to your firm’s account. No need to hunt down and share account numbers, you can automatically connect your team to the right account.

The administrator now also has control over which users receive invoices and statements, making the billing and payment process smoother for everyone. Have billing info sent only to members of the accounting department or allow anyone in the firm to receive invoices. Turn on and off the function at any time according to vacations and leave of absences.

New eFiling courts

The eFiling world is busy and ever-changing! Here are a few of the courts that changed their approach to eFiling in February 2018.

Santa Clara County, California

This Bay Area county added the final case type to its courthouse, mandating General Civil for eFiling on the same day it became permissible. Now all documents filed with Santa Clara County must be submitted electronically.

Learn more with our Instant Expert guide to eFiling in Santa Clara County.

Marion County in Indiana

Indiana has been implementing eFiling across the state since last year. Marion County is the largest court in Indiana, as well as the only court to accept Small Claims filings. In February, Marion County introduced eFiling to Small Claims case types, and will continue to add additional case types throughout the year.

As county after county joins the state’s new eFiling implementation, document submission will continue to grow more streamlined and efficient. Here’s looking forward to more eFiling and better access to the court in the months to come.

Coming up in March

We don’t want to spoil anything, but here’s a sneak peak of what’s planned for March:

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