New at One Legal: Estimated fees and charges on the order review page

At One Legal we have a team constantly working to enhance our services and ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality court filing and process service experience that is available. In this series of updates, we’ll be sharing what’s new and improved on One Legal.

Estimated fees and charges displayed on the order review page

One Legal is excited to introduce a comprehensive estimation of fees and charges to the filing process. Whenever you place an order in One Legal, such as a court filing or a service of process, the final page that you will see before you click submit is the order review page.

The order review page gives an overview of the details you have entered and the documents that you have uploaded. Now, if available from the court’s system, this page will also display and estimate of all the expected court fees, in addition to One Legal charges that are associated with your order and the selections that you have made.

This new section will display all the fees and charges associated with the selections you’ve made. For example, if you add process serving and urgent service to a court filing you’ll see the associated fees on this page before you submit and finalize your order.

Nothing has changed about One Legal’s pricing (all our prices are available on the main price list on our website), but now you’ll see more clearly what fees and charges apply to your order.

One Legal’s upfront payment of statutory court fees

When you’re placing a court filing through One Legal and any court fees are required, we pay these fees upfront on your behalf and add them to your invoice. All invoices located in the billing center and can be quickly and easily filtered by case name, client billing code, and more. Learn more about the billing center >>

Whenever the final amount is known, you will be able to see estimates of the statutory court fees that will be paid on your behalf on the order review page.

In circumstances when this information is not yet available from the court, One Legal will continue to pay the fees on your behalf, but the numbers will not be displayed. Look for the final amount will be clearly stated on your invoice.


Are there any new features that you’re eager to see on One Legal? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] with your suggestions.

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