New and improved Order Status communication

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One Legal is always working to make your experience with eFiling, service of process, court research, and more as smooth as possible.

Our latest improvement? All-new screens for viewing the most up-to-date status for any order you place. We’ve also made it easier to find information on what happens next, get quick access to returned documents, see messages from the court clerk, and more.

What’s new

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Simplified orders overview
Improved search functionality
Current status of your order
Messages from One Legal and the court
Submitted and returned documents
eService list
Service of process statuses
Order information
eFiling & eService emails

Orders page

Replacing the “Order Status” and “Recent Activity” tabs, the new “Orders” tab is your one-click stop for checking in on every single order.Order status Orders

Simplified orders overview

This main page presents you with an at-a-glance view of all the latest updates for your orders. In the new list design, you’ll see all orders that you’ve placed — including those submitted on behalf of your attorney — and any others that you have permission to view.

You can also see which orders are waiting for further action from you, where a document is in the filing process, confirmation that your documents have been accepted by the court, which attempt is in progress for service of process, and more.

  • All orders are automatically organized by date, with all your most recent activity at the top. You can re-sort the grid by clicking on the column headings for Order Number, Case Number, Case Name, Court, or Client Billing code.
  • Search options at the top of the page let you narrow in on specific orders.
  • The latest status of each order is displayed in the right-hand column. If returned documents or additional update details are available, you’ll see links below the status.
  • To see details of any order, click on the order number in the left-hand column.

Order status grid

From this screen you will be able to see which orders are waiting on further action from you, which attempt is in progress for service of process, where a document is in the filing process, confirmation that your documents have been accepted by the court, and more.

Based on customer feedback, we reorganized the search options to make it easier than ever to find the exact orders you’d like to focus on.

Order status search

The most commonly-used search criteria are at the top:

1. Enter your order or confirmation number.

2. View all orders placed on a certain date or within a specific date range.

3. Quick search: type details into the “Case Information” box, like “case number,” “case or plaintiff name,” and “client billing code.”

4. Choose a status (“In Progress” or “Complete” or any of the six categories).

Order status drop down

Click “More search options” for additional ways to find orders, including by order type, court, or party served. You can also choose to limit the orders shown to only those you have placed, or for which you are the contact or the attorney.

Order details page

With our redesign of the Order details pages, we’ve made certain that all the most important pieces of information are easy to find and understand. Such as:

Current status of your order

We moved the latest info about your order to front and center of the page. eFiling under court review? Service of process on the second attempt? You’ll see that here.

In progress status

Current status

Messages from One Legal and the court clerk

Need more information about what your status means? The new “Message from One Legal” at the top lets you know what is happening with your order based on the status and confirm any next steps.

If the court has added any details about your order, such as a reason for a rejection, you’ll also see a “Message from the Court Clerk” in this section.

Message from the court clerk

Submitted and returned documents

Keep track of which documents you uploaded and which have been returned to you with our new Document display. We’ve designated two separate sections for documents: files from you and files returned from the court or a One Legal agent.

Document display

Returned: If any files have been returned by the court, or by a One Legal agent, you’ll find them here, including all file-endorsed copies, conformed cover pages, proofs of service, court research and retrieval results, etc.

Need a copy of your returned documents for your files? Download them individually or take advantage of the new “Download All’ option to download a .ZIP file of all returned documents with a single click.

Your files: If no returned files are available for your order, you’ll see the original documents you provided to be filed with the court or served on an individual.

eService list

Easily see the activity of your recipients and when each person has viewed the documents or not. Each person on your list is served as soon as you submit your order, so there’s no need to check for service itself. But it’s now easier than ever to see who is actually viewing your documents and when.

eService recipients

Service of process statuses

We’ve updated the appearance of your service attempts status tracker, showing you the most relevant information and up-to-date activity for the serve. Track your service of process from first attempt to completion with details of what happened at each stage.

service attempts

Order information

We’ve moved all the identifying information of each order and case (including information provided by you) to the right-hand panel of the screen. Use this as a quick reference point, or to download your original order receipt.

Quick guide

Looking for key information?


#1 Order number ~ #2 Status update and messages

#3 My returned documents ~ #4 My uploaded documents

#5 Case Information (provided by you upon original order)

#6 Confirmation receipt ~ #7 Print the page

eFiling overview

Service of Process:

#1 Order number ~ #2 Status update and messages

#3 Returned Proof of Service ~ #4 Your uploaded documents

#5 Service Attempts overview ~ #6 Case Information (provided by you upon original order)

SoP status overview

New eFiling & eService emails

You’ll see updates in your confirmation emails for eFiling and eService orders, too. We’ve improved both the information provided in the email and the email format so that all pertinent information is easier to find.

The new format lists all documents associated with the order and their status. Click on the “View court-returned documents” link­­­ for quick access to all your returned documents.

These improvements are based on feedback from our most important source of ideas: You, our customers. We’d love to hear what you think of the changes we’ve made, so please let us know.

Want more information?

Get more feature details and how-tos in our Support Center. You can also take a quick video tour for an in-action look at this redesign: Watch now.

Have more questions? We will be hosting an open office hour on June 22 at 9:00 a.m. PT. Drop by and ask questions about anything regarding Order Statuses (and beyond)! Register now.

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