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Legaltech 2015: West Coast Event

This year’s Legaltech

This year’s Legaltech conference was held at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, CA from July 13th to July 14th. The Conference not only featured several exhibitors: ALM, Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc., BQE Software, Clio, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, and to name a few; But also featured several presenters of new and upcoming technology, experts in the industry, and sessions focused on various forms of technology that are built for the legal industry.

Upon arriving

Upon arriving to the Hyatt, on Tuesday, it was evident that this was no small event. Hundreds of people were walking around, heading to vendor booths and attending different speaking sessions. The first session was a Keynote on “The Impact of the Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Verdict on the Tech Industry”.

After the Keynote, attendees had the option to attend a session discussing eDiscovery in regards to emerging technology, or go to the Exhibit Hall where they could connect with fellow attendees, sponsors, presenters, and exhibitors. If you could not fit all of the booths you wanted to visit, or people you wanted to talk to into one break, there were 2 more breaks throughout the day.

CLE Courses

CLE Courses were prominent throughout the Legaltech conference (a total of 22 between Monday & Tuesday) including: ‘Preserve or Perish’ vs. ‘Destroy or Drown’: Managing Electronically Stored Information, E-Discovery Challenges in Government Investigations and Regulatory Actions, The Changing Face of Business and Legal Technology: Looking to 2020 and Beyond, Security – 2015’s Biggest Threat to Client Confidentiality, and New World Cyber Threats.

One of our favorite

One of our favorite sessions of the day was the Legal Disruption Lightning Round One – it was so good, that we even went to Round Two! These “Lightning Rounds” featured presentations and discussions on the latest emerging legal tech companies working to help advance the legal system. After presenting, the presenters would receive feedback from a panel of judges that included not only industry professionals, but also investors. Some of the noteworthy presenters included: Keno Sullivan – Founder of Beagle, Gary Sangha – CEO & Founder of LitIQ, Ray Gallo – CEO & Founder of Leverage, and Ian Nelson – Co-founder of HotShot Legal.

We wrapped up

We wrapped up our day with a CLE course on the “Impact of Emerging Technologies on Proactive IG and Reactive eDiscovery Wearblers, IoT and Social Media… Oh My!” The panel of speakers included Adam Sand – General Counsel at Shopkick; Heidi Maher – a former trial attorney and the Executive Director for Compliance, Governance & Oversight Council; Patrick Heim – Head of Trust & Security at Dropbox; Lara Berger – an attorney in the Division of Privacy and Identity Protection at the FTC; and Robert Brownstone – Technology & eDiscovery Counsel and Chair, ElM Group at Fenwick & West LLP. What a way to learn about data security and the Internet of Things! We realized just how much devices are connected and, “throwing data around”, and what the consequences of information technology are. The panel gave many insights into what data is collected and how vulnerable you really are. They also gave examples of why it is important to update your systems so that you can be less at risk of an attack from hackers.

We can’t wait

We can’t wait to attend next year and see what new and emerging technology, exhibitors, and presenters there are! Thank you Legaltech for the great experience & thank you to all of those in attendance who we were able to connect with! #LTWC15

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