June 26, 2020: Weekly roundup of California court updates

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The world of California courts is constantly shifting, now more than ever before. In an effort to highlight significant updates, One Legal will be compiling the biggest changes in court operations and messaging from the past week to help us all keep up.

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Please note: All resources shared by One Legal are intended as high-level summaries only. For a full picture of each court’s response to the challenges of COVID-19, please visit the individual court website.

Court updates this week

Now that all California courts are open and accepting filings to some extent, there are fewer formal pronouncements of significant changes. More often than not, updates posted to the court’s website involve specific process changes for single departments or divisions.

State guidance

Multiple courts shared the update provided by the state on guidance for the use of face coverings as the standard that they would be adhering to when reopening their courthouses.

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Alpine County

Civil and traffic matters will continue to be heard remotely as criminal matters returned to regular session effective June 22, according to an announcement from the Court.

Read the public notice>>

Madera County

In a June 19 release, the Court provided updates on several points, including reinstating fees for fax filing, requiring facial coverings at the courthouse, repealing the emergency bail schedule, and more.

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Marin County

An Administrative Order authorizes any judge to make use of available technology to conduct proceedings, permits court sessions to be held anywhere in the county, and states that, for the purpose of computing time under certain Welfare and Institutions Code sections, June 21-July 18 are deemed holidays.

Read the Administrative Order>>

Mariposa County

A Standing Order from the Court, effective July 1, establishes guidelines for the reopening of courthouses to the public. These standards include screening procedures prior to admittance, limitations on the number of litigants permitted in a courtroom, and more.

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Merced County

A June 19th General Order revised previous orders and updated expectations around time periods provided within which to begin a case and more.

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Monterey County

On June 19th, the Court updated its modifications to services. Changes included the resumption of civil, family, and probate jury trials with telephonic and remote appearances encouraged.

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Riverside County

The Court updated its master plan to restore court services. This document covers how access to court records, document filing, and more will be handled in the coming months.

Read the master plan>>

The Court confirmed that Corona, Moreno Valley, Temecula, and Hemet Courts will remain closed from June 29 through July 10, 2020.

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The presiding judge has ordered all persons to wear facial coverings and maintain six feet of physical distance while in court facilities.

Read the General Order>>

San Bernardino County

The Court has extended its Civil Grand Jury term by six months.

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Santa Clara County

The Family Division of this Court adopted Emergency Local Rules effective June 23, 2020 pertaining to mediation procedures, custody and visitation, and more.

Read the rules>>

Solano County

The Court modified Local Rule 11.1 in light of the current circumstances to provide discretion to excuse jurors for undue hardship.

Read the updated rule>>

Yolo County

The Court ordered all appearances to be by video except for out-of-custody Felony/Misdemeanor and Traffic Arraignments or unless authorized by statue or Court order.

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