June 19, 2020: Weekly roundup of California court updates

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The world of California courts is constantly shifting, now more than ever before. In an effort to highlight significant updates, One Legal will be compiling the biggest changes in court operations and messaging from the past week to help us all keep up.

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Please note: All resources shared by One Legal are intended as high-level summaries only. For a full picture of each court’s response to the challenges of COVID-19, please visit the individual court website.

Court updates this week

Now that all California courts are open and accepting filings to some extent, there are fewer formal pronouncements of significant changes. More often than not, updates posted to the court’s website involve specific process changes for single departments or divisions

Alameda County

In a press release, the court detailed its plan for opening appellate and limited emergency unlawful detailer filings. The update also announced a requirement for email addresses to be listed on all filings.

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Amador County

The Court has introduced a new mandatory form to use when requesting Court Reporter Services in Civil, Family, and Probate cases.

View the form>>

Butte County

The Court updated its order to extend mitigation measures for persons entering the courtroom in addition to limiting access to the clerk’s office and to court buildings.

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Imperial County

A June 17 Order established guidelines for any judge to extend deadlines where the time period would otherwise expire.

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Lassen County

A General Order from this Court established parameters for participating in Zoom appearances for hearings, conferences, and other proceedings.

Read the General Order>>

Los Angeles County

The Presiding judge issued a new General Order outlining the phased expansion of court operations including social distancing requirements. This document lists the timeline of courthouse and division reopening over the next several weeks.

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Orange County

While the Court has reopened and limited access has returned, Orange County clerks are still working their way through an extensive backlog of filings. Customers who have submitted filings since the Court’s closure in March may still be waiting on confirmation that their filing has been accepted.

Sacramento County

In a June 12 Order, the Court announced limited public access to jury trials during the pandemic.

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San Benito County

A June 12 Order announced the expansion of court services with protective requirements.

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San Diego County

On June 17, this Court suspended Local Rules pertaining to the process of requesting telephonic hearings for unlawful detainers and civil restraining orders. Instead, parties are to review the court’s COVID-19 page for the current process.

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The Court also extended the time period provided for the holding of a preliminary examination in cases where the statutory deadline would otherwise expire.

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San Mateo County

The Court established extensions and guidelines for unlawful detainer matters during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Santa Clara County

The Court has begun phased expansion of judicial proceedings and reopening of clerk’s offices around the county.

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The Court also announced that jury trials will resume with enhanced social distancing protocols.

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Sierra County

In an update on their website, the Court announced that it would be holding all matters remotely until further notice.

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