July 2, 2020: Weekly roundup of California court updates

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What’s changing in the world of California courts? We’ve reviewed all 58 superior court websites looking for important updates and have gathered them here for your information.

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Please note: All resources shared by One Legal are intended as high-level summaries only. For a full picture of each court’s response to the challenges of COVID-19, please visit the individual court website.

Independence Day

All state and federal courts will be closed on July 3rd in observance of Independence Day. One Legal will also be closed.

Court updates this week

Now that all California courts are open and accepting filings to some extent, there are fewer formal pronouncements of significant changes. More often than not, updates posted to the court’s website involve specific process changes for single departments or divisions.

El Dorado County

The Court updated its Local Rules on July 1, 2020.

Read the Local Rules>>

Fresno County

The Court re-opened the archives division on July 1, 2020, with social distancing guidelines and other protections in place.

Read the notice>>

Humboldt County

The Court announced plans to resume jury trials soon, and updated guidelines around statutory deadlines. Clerk’s office phone hours have also been extended.

Read the press release>>

Additionally, the Court provided a notice on arraignments and encouraged remote appearance whenever possible.

Read the press release>>

Monterey County

The Court updated its Emergency Local Rules on June 29, 2020.

Read the Local Rules>>

Orange County

According to a news release from June 30th, court employees are present in pop-up tents that line the entrance to the Central Justice Center to provide assistance and guidance. The Court also recommends the use of its new online app to schedule appointments for specific services.

Read the release>>

View the court’s appointment app>>

This Court continues to have a substantial backlog of filings that need to be processed. If your filing has a court transaction number, it has been successfully submitted to the Court and will be processed.

The Court has asked that inquiries be submitted through their online portal.

Visit the online portal>>

Placer County

In response to the pandemic, the Court plans to implement off-cycle updates to Local Rules of Court. Interested persons are invited to comment on proposed amendments.

Read the public notice>>

Riverside County

Corona, Moreno Valley, Temecula, and Hemet Courts will remain closed through July 10, 2020, in an effort to comply with federal, state, and local guidelines.

Read the news release>>

Sacramento County

The Grand Jury has released their 2020 report.

Read the news release>>

San Diego County

New, revised, or repealed forms for the judicial council and superior court are available effective July 1, 2020.

Read the notice>>

Two General Orders extended timelines for counsel to be appointed and criminal trials to be set.

Read Order No. 062920-70>>

Read Order No. 070120-71>>

Santa Clara County

The Court released an explanation of how the state’s budget would impact court operations.

Read the release>>

Sierra County

An Emergency Order granted permission for the Court to hold sessions anywhere in the county through July 27, 2020.

Read the Emergency Order>>

Siskiyou County

A revised court calendar was announced that would go into effect July 27, 2020. These changes are separate from the emergency calendar changes related to the pandemic.

Read the notice>>

Tulare County

The Court announced that the South County Justice Center in Porterville would re-open for business on June 30, 2020.

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