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eService: is it true that my firm only receives court notices from One Legal?

One Legal is the custodian of the San Diego court’s eService list

Do you know that One Legal is contractually obligated to host the San Diego Superior Court’s eService lists for Construction Defect and JCCP cases?

Electronic Filing Requirements of the San Diego Superior Court, Central Civil Division Excerpt from page 2 & 3:”All documents electronically filed in a mandatory EFile Construction Defect/JCCP case must be electronically served on all parties in the case pursuant to CRC 2.251(c)The court will maintain and make available an official electronic service list in Construction Defect/JCCP cases through One Legal.

This is the service list that the court will use to serve documents on the parties. (See CRC 2.251(d).) It is the responsibility of the parties to provide One Legal their correct contact information for the service list in each e-filed case in which they are involved no later than July 7th, 2014. New parties who enter a case must provide One Legal with their electronic service address for that case within 7 days of joining the case. All parties must notify One Legal of any changes to that address, within 7 days of the change, should a change occur during the pendency of the action. (See CRC 2.251(f)(1).) Failure to keep the official list updated may result in the court being unable to provide notice to a non-complying party of upcoming hearings, orders, and other proceedings.

How Do I Get On The List?

We’re introducing new procedures to make sure you never miss out on important court communications.We receive upwards of 35 communications each day from the court and other case participants that require us to modify our case participant information and eService lists in CaseLink.

When we receive these communications that affect your firm, we call your firm to advise you of the changes and then follow up that phone call with an email communication. The email provides specific instructions on how to opt-in or opt-out of case access.

How Do I Get My Documents?

If you’re using CaseLink, simply open up the case page and click on the Documents tab. We host all eService documents for the life of the case so you’ll have easy access anytime, from any computer with an internet connection.

If you opt-out of case access, you will still receive official court notices from One Legal; however, it is your responsibility to add One Legal to your safe senders list and keep your email address updated.

No fees are required to receive the court’s notices from One Legal. Access court notices and other eServed documents with the links in eService Alerts emailed to members of your firm who are on the court’s eService list. Download or print the documents for your records.   

We hope our new process works for you! But if it doesn’t, we’d love to hear how we can do it better.  Share your thoughts and ideas by leaving a comment.

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