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Introducing One Legal office hours

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Our Customer Success team is excited to introduce One Legal office hours — virtual drop-in meetings where our experts are available to answer questions, teach important eFiling and service of process rules and procedures, and troubleshoot any issues you encounter while using One Legal.

Office hours at One Legal

Sometimes, learning new procedures or new systems can be challenging. Think back to when you were at school — learning and applying something new took practice. Attending classes and reading textbooks helped, but sometimes you ran into problems you didn’t know how to solve, or concepts that didn’t seem to “click.” A professor’s office hours were a chance to pose general questions, get additional guidance and expertise, maybe even bounce ideas off other students in the room.

At One Legal, we want to offer you a similar experience: A virtual room you can drop into when you need questions answered, concepts explained, or you want to talk through a challenge that you or your team are facing in relation to the One Legal platform. We won’t be discussing specific accounting issues or looking up anyone’s order status, but we will show you how to find that information for yourself, as well as how to navigate the other useful features of our platform.

Join experienced trainers Lili and Brooke to hone your eFiling experience, get additional tips and tricks, or find out more about a feature you’re interested in.

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One Legal office hours may include:

  • A brief walkthrough of each of the services on our platform
  • An overview of new features and tools
  • Deep dives into specific subjects, like how to change account information or billing
  • Opportunities for you to share feedback with us
  • Helpful tips and tricks for working more efficiently in One Legal

Office hours are designed to be a relaxed, open forum where you can ask questions, offer feedback or pose requests, and receive personalized tours of our newest features. And stick around — sometimes the best questions and comments come from the others in the room! We want to create a community of One Legal customers who learn and develop together.

For inquiries about specific orders, our support team remains just a quick phone call or email message away. During office hours, we will be offering the chance to ask general questions, to get a more in-depth overview of our product, and learn strategies to work more efficiently.

These new office hours will be available at 9 a.m. every other Friday. To check out available times and register for a session, see our office hours page.

How to register

We love hearing from our customers, and have an entire success team whose goal is to set you up for success. With training and customer support, we seek to equip you with strategies to quickly and easily eFile documents, order process serves, retrieve documents from the court, and more. Our platform has been designed in partnership with legal professionals just like you, and we are always working to improve your experience.

By offering these open office hours, we hope you will feel empowered to ask questions, better able to understand the eFiling processes, and learn more about features that may make your jobs easier. That’s what we’re here for!

Register for an office hour

Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a calendar invite.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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