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Introducing free eFiling and eService in Illinois, Indiana, and Texas

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Starting today, One Legal is ending transaction charges for electronic court filing and electronic service of process for filers in Illinois, Indiana, and Texas. The move makes One Legal the only private eFiling provider in these states to charge zero transaction, user or subscription fees for eFiling and eService.

Ensuring filers have a real choice

In July, when Illinois’ new statewide court filing system became mandatory in Chicago, state and local authorities highlighted the benefits of its “open” model, which allowed filers to choose from any of several certified electronic filing service providers (EFSPs) to submit their documents to court. It was the same argument made when eFiling launched in downstate Illinois, Indiana, and Texas.

The promise of such a setup was that competition between vendors would lead to an improved service offering. However, the reality has been that one free, government-subsidized service has been promoted by the circuit courts and dominated the market.

Absent competition, considerations like the quality of customer support, ease of use, customization for complex courts like Cook County, and features important to law firms and other frequent filers risk falling by the wayside.

Free eFiling and eService — premium levels of service

One Legal has been in the court filing and service of process business for almost 30 years, and during that time has filed millions of court documents. We’ve built our service around meeting the needs of law firms — and we’re not going to change.

While customers in Illinois, Indiana, and Texas will not pay any One Legal transaction fees for electronic court filing or electronic service of process, they will still benefit from our premium court filing experience, including:

  • Speedy, human customer support available by phone, email, and live chat;
  • Simplified billing designed with law firm needs in mind — including the upfront payment of all court fees, simple invoicing, flexible payment methods; and
  • An industry-leading eFiling application with key features — from automatic conversion of uploads to text-searchable PDF and permanent/unlimited storage of court-returned documents as standard.

Plus, access to a suite of litigation support services 

Beyond eFiling and eService, the One Legal site is also the gateway to an entire suite of litigation support services including:

  • Personal service of process
  • Delivery of a printed judge’s courtesy copy
  • Facilitated service by sheriff
  • …and more

When you eFile through One Legal, you have the choice to seamlessly add extra services as and when you require them.

So, whether you’re filing a case initiation and need to arrange personal service of process or know that the judge in your case demands a paper copy of your eFiling be delivered to his/her chambers, we’ve got you covered.

Join us as we shake up the eFiling market

At One Legal, we’re not satisfied with the status quo. We don’t accept that electronic court filing needs to be difficult, confusing, and time-consuming. If you’re ready to try a faster and simpler eFiling experience — one that’s built specifically for law firms — create an account today:

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