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Have you met your new legal support team?

legal support team

You may have known One Legal Concierge as the team behind Email to File, or the folks who conduct all Double Checks. But these days we’re doing much more. So much more, in fact, that we needed a new name, a title that more accurately described all that we now offer.

Introducing: One Legal Concierge, the complete legal support team for solo attorneys to small firms and beyond. We’re becoming the go-to solution for firms of all sizes who need to stretch their resources and get more done. Whether your firm is growing or you’re coping with recent personnel changes or spikes in caseload, Concierge could be the support team you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what you need to know about our team of experts.

More than just filing

One Legal’s Concierge team began flexing their document expertise muscles in a file-for-you solution, where eFiling became as simple as sending an email. This quickly evolved into the ability to order any One Legal service with a single email. Dozens of law offices began enlisting our staff to take care of the data entry and requests that were urgent or beyond the usual.

Now, the Concierge team is adding new services and capabilities all the time, increasing our ability to help your firm succeed.

Send an email to request:

Court filing

The original value-add of Concierge: file documents in any court where One legal is available—eFiling or traditional—with only an email.

Service of process

Cut down on data entry and send out qualified servers in record time.

Research & Retrieval

Drop in a few key details about the documents you’re looking for or the background information you need and your Concierge team will get started on it right away.

Many other services

Have a legal support need that we didn’t mention? The Concierge team is ready and waiting to put their combined paralegal, document preparation, and other legal experience to use—for the success of you and your firm.

What can Concierge do for you?

Whether you’re a small firm trying to tackle a giant to-do list or a solo attorney seeking to increase clients while cutting cost, our Concierge team offers all the same benefits of a virtual legal secretary.

Try out Concierge if:

Deadlines are looming, and you need a little extra assistance to keep everything on schedule.

You’re starting your own firm and aren’t ready to hire a paralegal just yet.

A huge case has added dozens of documents to your to-do list.

As both the paralegal and the legal secretary at your firm, you can’t quite keep up with all the filing.

Your paralegal is sick or on leave, and you have filing deadlines coming up.

It’s finally time for your vacation and your attorneys need an easy way to file documents.

eFiling is new in your court and you’d rather focus on your caseload than on new requirements.

Whatever your need, One Legal Concierge has the experience and the knowledge to take care of your tasks quickly and efficiently. Get started working with your legal support team today.


Ask Concierge

2 thoughts on “Have you met your new legal support team?

  1. Suppose that I want to file an unlawful detainer complaint and want the concierge to help prepare the documents. What would be your estimate of the cost- or do you perform that type of service

    1. Hello Roger,

      Once you have a written and edited document, Concierge can add electronic bookmarks, apply text searchability, and check for common rejection reasons before filing on your behalf. The cost for this is typically $40/filing.

      Please feel free to reach out to if you have a specific part of the document preparation that you wanted Concierge to help with, and they will be happy to discuss how we can help save you time.

      Thank you for commenting!

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