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Interview: Mark Antonio, Marin County branch manager

We’re a diverse team here at One Legal — over 150 staff are based across California, in our Bay Area head office and in branch offices up and down the state. We work together every day, often behind the scenes, to ensure that we are building the best products and delivering the highest quality of service.

We’re really proud of our team and the diversity of skills, talents, and experiences that define us. We want you to get to know a little about the team that brings you One Legal, which is why we’re interviewing a staff member every month.

We’ve already interviewed a member of our customer support team and a representative of the marketing team. This month, we interview Mark Antonio, a manager in the Marin County branch office responsible for the day-to-day delivery of our court filing services.

Q1: What brought you into the legal sector?

I’ve been with One Legal now for almost ten years and I absolutely love working in the legal world. I first came to One Legal via the usual route — online job advert, interview etc — but I think I was particularly attracted to working with the courts because I’ve always loved watching courtroom dramas. The chance to work with the courts just stood out!

Q2: What does being a One Legal branch manager involve?

By far the most important part of the job is diligence and attention to detail — we’re dealing with very important documents and there’s a need to get things done right. Being a manager is also about being available for your staff and co-workers as much as possible. Solving problems others may not have solved yet and having good relationships with court clerks. I also like to volunteer and get involved with other projects at One Legal outside of just the day to day operations of my branch.

Q3: What’s a typical day like for your branch office?

There are many ups and downs during the day and always a problem to solve, whether it’s a rejected order at court or incomplete information on a particular document. So every day is a new challenge and also rewarding when you know you have helped solve a major customer crisis or created a new system that makes the workflow smoother. We enjoy ourselves here and I always feel inspired to get into the office to start work!

Q4: What’s your favorite thing about working at One Legal?

Feeling extremely confident about my knowledge and performance. Heading into my 10th year, I feel like I’ve learned so much and can contribute to our company in many unique ways and on a lot of different levels.

Q5: You and your team are the front line of One Legal, filing papers at the courts — can you share some top tips for getting filings accepted, or perhaps a story about filing at a courthouse?

Building rapport with the clerks at the court is one of the most important things. When we are friendly and make extra efforts to help the clerks, they in return will help us out. Whether it’s providing us with additional information regarding reasons for a rejected document (i.e. what form# to use etc.) or letting us step outside to call a customer so we don’t lose our place in line. When we build this rapport I find that they will help us out more than the average customer.

Q6: Finally, can you tell us one interesting thing about your life outside of work?

My wife and I have a little project/band called The Tiny Flames where we write songs and play weddings and shows in the Bay Area. We are currently slightly less active with music these days than we used to be since we also have a beautiful 3-year-old Son keeping us very busy!

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