Finally, one easy Marketplace for sourcing affordable and reliable legal support providers

When was the last time you had find a new court reporter to work with?

The last time you had to navigate through endless expert witness profiles to find someone suitable for your case?

The last time you had to track down a licensed process server outside of your state?

The number of potential legal support providers to choose from can sometimes seem impossible to navigate. In eDiscovery alone, there are now hundreds of vendors competing for your business, each with a baffling array of offers, promotions, and professed expertise. Making the right choice means finding a provider both you and your client can trust, at the right price point and level of service, and often at breakneck speed.

Unfortunately, what should be easy — finding appropriate vendors and comparing their offerings to make an informed decision— can often become a lengthy and dizzyingly complex process. How, when faced with so much choice and so little time to decide, can you ensure that you’re choosing a correctly qualified, competent, and reliable vendor for your needs?

One simple marketplace for your legal support needs

One Legal is going to make this problem a thing of the past with the launch of our legal support Marketplace.

Marketplace will present you with a carefully curated selection of all available litigation vendors in one central place, complete with the tools you need to filter legal support vendors by services offered, service levels available, prices, and more.

Marketplace is another way that we’re working to make One Legal your most trusted go-to platform for all your litigation support needs.

If you’re a legal support staffer and you’d like to learn more about Marketplace and be kept up to date on its progress, sign up to be a beta tester and help us to design this new feature to meet your needs.

Sign up to be a beta tester

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