Filing and Service of Process efficiencies: How a single vendor provides more value than you may have thought possible

In a fast paced and ever evolving legal industry, knowledge, efficiency and productivity have become the key components for success. With each court implementing its own set of local rules, it can become a time-consuming challenge to ensure that you submit your documents correctly and in a timely fashion. The time, effort and cost of printing and assembling your documents, making the appropriate number of copies for conforming, and having your outgoing work ready at to be picked up at the designated route time by a traditional attorney service will reduce not only your productivity but your profitability as well.  Even on a “call-in” basis, the printing and prep is reason enough to consider other options providing greater efficiencies.  In addition, waiting for a physical return of completed or rejected work the next day or two negatively impacts your business.

If maximizing your efficiency while reducing cost is the ultimate goal, then electronically moving your documents to your service not only saves the print and prep time, but also the materials cost.  Receiving conformed copies or rejection notices electronically from your vendor can be a much faster, more efficient practice. Having copies of documents requested from court files sent to you electronically by your vendor eliminates the need for you to scan them in yourself.  Sharing PDF files with others is quick and efficient, reducing unnecessary delays in moving your case along internally while decreasing physical tasking.

An ideal solution to further maximize efficiency is utilizing a single vendor for both filing and process service. You can upload your documents in their electronic form, eliminating the tedious process of document assembly. This convenience is magnified when you have a local filing that needs to be served out of your area if your vendor can handle that for you. You won’t need to spend time looking for another vendor in that other area. And if your filing (or filing and service) is for another area, using that single vendor to handle this for you eliminates your need to research a court’s local rules, figuring out how they want a document submitted, or worrying about courtesy copy requirements and court deadlines. Using one vendor eliminates the guesswork.

One Legal understands you need a vendor who appreciates that time and efficiency is of the utmost importance. You need a vendor who can not only provide professional service, but has the court knowledge that will help make you invaluable to your law office. With One Legal, you:

  • Eliminate your time spent printing and forwarding documents.
  • Can place a single multi-step order to custom fit every situation and need.
  • Deal with just one company that you know and trust.
  • Experience fewer unknowns or surprises from using new people in different areas.
  • Enjoy the benefits and confidence of having one company do it all — a company who has built relationships over the years with the best companies nationwide to handle its assignments.

In addition to providing the quality service that promises to increase your productivity, we also offer free, MCLE-accredited courses designed to provide you with the resources and the knowledge you need to excel in the legal industry. Our Training team not only offers training webinars, we also have training guides and videos available to download and view at your leisure. Visit our training website for more information.

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Brooke Greene is a Product Training and Research Specialist at One Legal. She provides our audience with the training and tools they need to be successful. Brooke also has a paralegal certificate, is a member of the San Diego Legal Secretaries Association, and is a CALSPro certified process server. In her free time, you can find her at the beach, soaking up the San Diego sun with her daughter and her chocolate lab.

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