eFiling with One Legal now available in Indiana

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After more than 10 years successfully navigating the electronic and physical courts of California and Texas, many of them among the largest in the country and in the world, One Legal has officially launched eFiling and other online court services in the state of Indiana.

As of June 26, 2017, legal professionals and litigants in Indiana now have the option to use One Legal’s streamlined platform to submit electronic documents for new and ongoing cases. Created in collaboration with legal professionals, our approach to eFiling is centered around usability and improved functionality.

About eFiling in the Indiana courts

In May 2014, the Indiana Supreme Court ordered the Division of State Court Administration to begin a statewide eFiling project. After amending their rules of procedure to enable electronic court filing, Indiana selected their internal technology and was ready for eFiling. Less than a year and a half later, Hamilton County was the first to implement a court eFiling project in August 2015.

The entire state of Indiana continues to facilitate eFiling through a central system, unlike states like California where every county has its own technology. Every month, a new court introduces eFiling on a permissive basis, which becomes mandatory after a month or two of transition. We’ve compiled a schedule of these tentative and confirmed permissive and mandatory eFiling dates.

How to start eFiling in Indiana using One Legal

One Legal has spent the last several months methodically integrating our system with the internal eFiling manager (EFM) used by the Indiana courts, making it easy to begin electronic court filing in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Create a One Legal account

Begin by taking three minutes to create your One Legal account. If another member of your law firm has used One Legal before, you can easily add yourself to that account. There’s no obligation, no contract, and no One Legal service fees for your first 30 days!

Step 2: Connect your One Legal account with an eFile Indiana account

Sign in to eFile Indiana to sync your records with those of the court. This is something you’ll only need to do once at the beginning, after which One Legal will save your account connection. If you have never eFiled in Indiana before, take this opportunity to create your account with the court.

Step 3: Submit an order

One Legal’s platform is a one-stop solution for eFiling, eService, process serving, document retrieval, case research, and other concierge services. Once you start your order, you can easily add-on or modify services to match the needs of your case. Want us to Double Check your filing pre-submission to help you avoid a costly rejection? One Legal has you covered.

Step 4: Receive updates

After you’ve submitted your documents or initiated other services, our system will keep you updated on the progress of each order. You’ll receive an immediate confirmation number once your document reaches the court, a notification once it’s viewed, and confirmation that it has been accepted.

Since recognizing the opportunities eFiling provided to connect the court to practitioners in a more direct and efficient way, Indiana has come far in developing a state-wide approach to eFiling. With One Legal’s easy-to-use process, ready support, and frequent status updates filers can have enhanced awareness of exactly where their case stands in relation to the documents they have filed.


Ever since pioneering court filing by fax in the 1990s, One Legal has been a forerunner for using technology to simplify legal services. After years of perfecting our offerings in many of the largest courts in the US, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and Dallas, One Legal is bringing its innovative products and services to new locations around the country, expanding particularly in places like Indiana where we have long offered other integrative services such as process serving, courthouse research, and document retrieval.

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