eFiling in Los Angeles Civil: the first year

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The first anniversary of eFiling in Los Angeles Civil is nearly here. Last year around this time, firms were preparing with team training and needed equipment, EFSPs were incorporating court policy and EFM requirements into their platforms, and the Court established its online resource hub for Civil eFiling. When the Court went live with Civil Limited on November 11, the countdown to mandated eFiling began.

It’s time for a review of how eFiling in Los Angeles is going and what we are doing at One Legal to continue to improve the experience. Below is a report of the initiatives we’ve led and an updated list of support resources available to assist you with eFiling in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

eFiling technology meetings

Representatives of Los Angeles Superior Court, its technology vendor, and other certified EFSPs meet monthly to have an open dialogue on shared concerns and post-launch issues. Begun at One Legal’s suggestion, the shared goal of these joint gatherings is to find and implement solutions for all.

Our team provided input on the Court’s eFiling FAQs and successfully advocated for a FAQ about canceling transactions and updates on FAQs covering eService.

Currently, we are working with the Court to add a new FAQ that provides procedural guidance to address eFiling transactions affected by power outages (or other technical issues), under provisions specified in CRC 2.259 and General Order 7(a)(ii). While outages aren’t a common occurrence, fortunately, they do happen. We also continue to work with the Court for clarifications on how electronically filed proposed orders are signed and returned.

Improved refund process

Since launch, One Legal joined other stakeholders in working with the Court to improve fee waiver and refund processes. We are currently providing input on FAQ #38, which addresses fee waivers, and have made additional suggestions to incorporate G.C. 6159(h)(2).

We have also implemented improvements around finance issues regarding exempt filers and we continue to address this process with both the court and its vendor. In fact, the court is currently working on updated reporting for EFSPs and down the road, plans to implement an eRefund process.

Learn more: How do I request a refund from the court?

Platform enhancements

At One Legal, our Product and Engineering teams work in tandem with the Court Integrations Technology team to update and enhance the internal eFiling process for Los Angeles Superior Court. We’ve added alerts in the order workflow to provide information and guidance on specific issues, which include:

  • Instructions on submittal of Civil Case Cover Sheet (Judicial Council Form CM-010) and Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum and Statement of Location (Local Form LACIV 109)
  • A reminder to include entity type if present in the documents you are filing on behalf of an organization
  • A notification pointing to information on Los Angeles’ policy regarding printed courtesy copies

Next steps

Working with the Court and JTI, the One Legal teams are currently focused on the following areas for further improvement and updates:

  • Improvements to financial processes for exempt filers
  • Resolution of remaining issues regarding out of sync filing fees
  • Resolution of remaining issues regarding NFRCs (Notice of Filing Review Complete, i.e. “submitted” notices)
  • An ability for non-parties to file electronically
  • Notifications around specific filer requirements for entering parties on a Cross Complaint

We will continue to update customers as these changes are implemented.

Have questions about LA eFiling?

The transition to a digital filing system in Los Angeles is an ongoing project. Questions will arise, updates will happen, and new features and enhancements are possible. One Legal is committed to providing you with resources to keep you informed.

If you have a question concerning your filing, here is our guide of recommended actions to follow. If online resources do not resolve the question first, contact our Customer Support team or the Court.

  1. Check out our support center, with articles specific to Los Angeles courts
  2. Check out Los Angeles eFiling related blogs
  3. Review the court’s resources, including tips to prevent rejection, FAQs, and more on its eFiling resource page
  4. Contact customer support online or by telephone at 800-938-8815
  5. Contact the court location directly

LA efiler's guide

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